The stats: In a study published in Science Advances, researchers found that residents of the U.S. and the U.K.
produce more plastic waste per person than any other nation, with Americans generating an average
of 105kg (231lbs) of plastic per year. The British are close behind, throwing away almost 99kg
(218lbs) annually.  The report, which focuses mainly on U.S. waste, shows that people in richer
nations generate more plastic waste than people in less developed countries: South Korea and
Germany take the respective third and fourth spots in the top 10 countries ranked by plastic trash per
capita. (Forbes 2021)

France generates just under 44kg (97lbs) of plastic waste per person—less than half that produced by
Brits. But France has taken a proactive stance against single-use plastic, including the introduction of
a penalty system that increases the cost of non-recyclable plastics. We have a post due in a couple of
months that will discuss what system changes could be made here.

On the other hand, China came out as the top producer of plastic for the global market, even though
Chinese people on average use relatively little of the stuff—just 15kg per person.
In Australia we generate 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic. Only 9% has been recycled, 12%
incinerated and 5 billion in landfill.So after all these recent facts…. let’s see what we can do to swap out those nasty unwanted plastic items from your home and become a sustainability champion with Munch.

Laundry Hacks
Hack #1: Cut out single-use waste wherever you can! 
Picture a routine without the clutter of waste. It may not seem like you produce waste from your
laundry, but think again – dryer sheets, plastic bottles, plastic pegs, cardboard packaging, plastic
laundry powder scoops… the list goes on. There is an alternative for each of these and what better
time to introduce them than during a Spring Refresh? 

When handwashing, swap laundry detergent for Munch Laundry Soap which is so powerful against
stains but not so harsh on skin, removing plastic bottles from your household waste. 
Swap old plastic pegs for Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs which are 100% plastic-free and last
for years! Think of it like a peg investment, and they’re so much cuter than mismatched plastic pegs.
Change from laundry powder in boxes, for laundry powder from a refilllery.! It removes both cardboard
waste and plastic scoops from your routine. Munch has a cute Bamboo Scoop which is a great
alternative. Bougie! 

Hack #2: Visit a refillery for a laundry routine refresh

Look for places that refill your washing powder or liquid containers or buy refills from the supermarket
instead of a whole new container each time.
Hack #3: Utilise air-drying where possible. 
Make the most of our earth’s natural and free resources, the wind, air, and sun – dry your laundry
outside this spring!

Struggling with space on the washing line? The Munch Stainless Steel Peg Hangers are a perfect
addition to your routine. Completely plastic-free and multi-purpose for indoor and outdoor use. They’re
made from marine-grade stainless steel so won’t rust like other brands, and are perfect for little items
like socks, underwear, and masks. 

Hack #4: Help our planet and your wallet by saving electricity. 
Reduce your power consumption and bill with Munch NZ Wool Dryer Balls, they help clothing dry up
to 25x faster, and you won’t have to do as much ironing! How bliss. 

Made from 100% Premium New Zealand Wool with NO FILLERS! The anti-static quality of wool
reduces wrinkles and lint. They work as a chemical-free alternative to fabric softeners and dryer
sheets – saving you money in the long run. They’ll last over 1,000 loads and are equal to 4+
boxes of dryer sheets. 

Munch Tip: Most power companies have a free hour of power, and you get to choose when this
is. Make sure you’re utilising this to save you money! With dryer balls, you may even get a whole
load dry in the free hour.

By  Anna Bordignon from Munch