As you may have seen I’ve recently moved back to Sydney (cue immediate hectic work / life / balance) and I’m not the only one. You see there’s a new kid on the block, and someone I think you’ll also love.

Her name is Eimele and she’s everything you want in a friend. Someone who has you’re back in this modern world. Someone to take to yoga with, meet after a busy day at work. Who’s always there to help you make better decisions, especially when you’re busy. She even on hand to provide you with nutritionally dense meals that are conveniently packed in individual complete meal portions.

And she can be you’re new bestie too.

Ok so she’s not exactly a person per say BUT what she is may be even more helpful (and delicious) – a new product range made from Australian organic wholefoods and ingredients including porridge, soups and snack bars are plant-based, sustainable.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the range, the creators and team of experts and I’m so glad I did. You see I had a preconceived idea of powdered soups. Memories of staying at my nanas house and having cups of tomato soup came rushing back… but, Eimele is worlds apart from that. There’s nothing processed, no additives or unnecessary calories. In fact, they have been formulated to assist you in your weight loss journey if that’s what you need, or as a beautiful base to them add more goodies too – such as seeds and nuts to the porridge, or additional protein or spices to the soups. Trust me, they are just yum.

Their approach to healthy weight loss is holistic and encompasses not only nutrition but other important themes such as mental health & self-worth, mindfulness, exercise and healthy cooking – all of which their expert ambassadors are extremely passionate about.

Formulated by Simon Hill (aka Plant Proof) and recipes designed by the divine Jacqueline Alwill from Brown Paper Bag Nutrition I knew I was in safe hands.

The details:

  • These delicious meals on-the-go have been formulated by a expert team of medical and nutritional experts to ensure the products are rich in protein and fibre while providing you with the key 16 nutrients and vitamins you need to thrive.
  • They support Aussie farmers, are plant-based, sustainably sourced and use whole food organic ingredients.
  • No Artificial Additives: No artificial flavour. No artificial sweeteners. No artificial colours. Non-GMO. No emulsifiers. No dairy. No lactose.
  • Eimele does not advocate for removing a macronutrient such as unrefined carbohydrates from your diet. Our meal plans are designed with grains, fibre, protein and unrefined carbohydrates so that eating healthy is a sustainable process.
  • Complete Nutrition At Every Meal: 16 Essential Nutrients in every meal. High in protein, fIbre with key vitamins and minerals to nourish the body.

Why am I such a fan girl? Well one of the first things I neglect when I’m running around busy is food, and as someone who knows better skipping food and replacing it with coffee is a recipe for disaster. Having a handy shake in my handbag, snack bar (the acai is my fave)  or soup is going to my new safety blanket, and then when I have  10 minutes extra at home I can get a little creative and use them a s a base. Keen to try? Be sure to keep an eye on my insta we’re Ill share more, and also their insta for recipe ideas.