It’s coming to that time of the year again…where the days are shorter, colder and darker. Did we mention colder?

The time where it’s a little too easy to choose the couch over working out, Netflix and UberEats instead of cooking something healthy to power you through the days.

Anyone else feeling guilty of this already? Yep, me too.

That’s ok, because we’re going to nip this in the bud asap before it gets out of control.

MEAL PREP DONE EASY with Youfoodz new Winter Menu

Decided to train in the PM to make your life easier? Good for you. Now before you get comfy on the couch post workout you need to replenish with fuel (aka dinner) asap. If you’re anything like me you’ll be a) starving and b) wanting it now. Well I have found the solution!

I’ve been refuelling with Youfoodz post workout to solve this problem and I’m loving my new way to cook. The Chef-designed recipes come ready prepped, meaning you just have to heat them up and you’re good to go. The meals don’t come frozen, one of the reasons I love this is because it is all super fresh, and it also reduces our grocery waste which is another big win for me.

It’s perfect for those who want a delicious meal in just a few minutes but without the full on commitment of food prep. It’s seriously the best of both worlds.


If you’re turning off the alarm in the AM rather than hitting the gym first thing, work with it. Because if you’re anything like me with a realllllll strong willpower, there isn’t going to be much to change your mind.

I love to work out first thing in the morning in Summer. In Winter, not so much. Instead, I give my body what it needs (extra rest) and instead grab 30 minutes for a hard and fast lunch time workout or something warming like yoga in the PM.

Will I still set my alarm most mornings? Hell yes. But I’m realistic about it and have a practical backup plan so I don’t beat myself up over it.


Now is the time to build up your immune system so you’re not susceptible to every cold and lurgy that you come into contact with.

Whether you take supplements like Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C and Zinc or stock up superfoods the one non-negotiable is to make sure all your meals are supercharged with veggies so you’re getting a constant dose of vitamins and minerals. The YouFoodz meals have you covered with plenty of fresh produce delivered to your very doorstep so there are no excuses!!

So, turn off your snooze, book in that gym class later in the day and choose which YouFoodz meal you’d like (no contract required) – and relax!