If you’re like most women, you’ve already noticed that significant change is in the air this year as far as beauty trends go. So far, the main emerging theme we’ve seen is a focus on fully fledged glamor combined with a no-nonsense, scientific approach to looking good. Consumers want personalized strategies, products produced using sustainable ingredients and practices, and the convenience of customized choices.

Following are just seven of the cosmetic beauty trends you can expect to see this year.

Locally Produced Artisan Products

The trend in the food and beverage industry toward locally sourced, artisan products has trickled down to the beauty business. Younger consumers are turning away from the iconic big brands that their mothers and grandmothers preferred and opting instead for independent brands produced with care in limited quantities. They’ve also changed the way in which cosmetics are purchased. Instead of heading to the nearest department store when the time comes to make beauty-related purchases, they’re shopping online and enjoying an almost unlimited selection of products.

Accessible Injectables

Lunchtime procedures performed in an aesthetician’s office are poised to rise even higher this year on the popularity scale among modern beauty consumers. They’re convenient, relatively inexpensive, produce almost immediate results, and don’t come with any downtime. Accessible injectable treatments include BOTOX®, Juvederm®, and fillers such as elastin and collagen. These treatments are designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots caused by acne scarring. Injectable treatments that destroy pockets of facial fat have recently become available as well.

The Perfectly Polished Look

The natural look has long been a classic, but recent trends are moving toward a more polished appearance that takes natural up several notches. Think vivid eyeshadow shades against skin rendered flawless by thickly pigmented foundation, bold eyeliner in shades such as violet and bronze, and lipstick colors that take their inspiration from fresh spring flowers. You’ll also see a move toward monochromatic makeup in which all products are varying shades of a neutral base color. For instance, you’ll see beige foundations paired with tawny lip colors and glossy brown mascaras, eyeshadows, and eyeliners. Pink-based foundations work well with rosy lips and cheeks and you can pair foundation with cools tones with subtle blues and violets.

Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and shine is everywhere this year. You’ll see it in makeup, hair, accessories, and clothing. Examples include strands of silver beads, crystals, and pearls braided into long hair, mesh headpieces studded with Swarovski crystals, and twinkly stones illuminating clothing, bags, scarves, and shoes.

Streamlining and Sustainability

Today’s consumer wants a more streamlined approach to skin care, so expect to see an increase in products that contain multiple benefits. For instance, instead of a multilayered approach to nighttime skin care, you’ll be applying one product that does it all.

Consumer preferences are also moving toward sustainable ingredients and packaging. You’ll see an increase in packaging made with recyclable materials as well as products produced using renewable materials. The popularity of cruelty-free products is expected to continue to grow this year as well.

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs haven’t really been around since the 1980s, but Netflix smash hit “Russian Doll” has sparked new interest in the style. Not everyone can pull it off, but it’s a beautiful look for those who can. This year’s hairstyle trends are also shifting away from long hair and back toward shorter, blunter bobs that are a bit asymmetrical. The overall messy look that’s dominated hairstyles for several years is giving way to all things sleek and polished. There’s an interesting twist, however — we’ve seen several nods to the iconic 1970s shag on runways and in haute couture media in recent weeks.

Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures such as liposuction will continue to be in demand in 2019. Liposuction got off to a rather rocky start when it first arrived on the mainstream cosmetic surgery scene in the early 1980s, but advances in technology have resulted in a substantial decrease in complications and a corresponding increase in consumer satisfaction. The procedure is now performed using local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, and patients are experiencing far less discomfort and downtime than their counterparts of the past.

CoolSculpting® is another body contouring technique that’s going to become increasingly popular in coming years. It’s a noninvasive treatment that essentially freezes fat cells and causes them to die off.

Above all, 2019 is the year of the individual. Makeup, beauty treatments, and cosmetic surgery options are all being customized to allow consumers to let their best selves shine.