I’m calling it, 2019 will be the year for taking holidays for you. And by you, I mean really you. Rather than choosing holidays to a random city for shopping and cocktails there’s a new growing trend (and one we’re ALL for) which is to instead choose a holiday that really nourishing your mind, body, mental state and everything in between.

Health and Fitness Holidays

Think retreats of all kinds, wellness mumcations, fitness holidays, silence retreats, sleep help, yoga doing, detoxes, SOS pampering, solo or with girlfriends – a destination that really makes your precious annual leave count for something. And there is something for everyone.

With mental health issues on the rise, it’s even more important than ever to take these time outs and refocus on you and relearn how to breath.

According to Health and Fitness Travel the rise of nature immersion getaways is a result of scientific studies into the effects of being outdoors, finding it results in both a reduction in cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress) and depression. These healthy escapes not only allow you to get some well needed Vitamin D, but provide an opportunity for exploration and discovery, allowing your mind to clear and relax.

Prevention is better than cure

We all know this right? When there are so many balls up in the air at every given moment – work, relationships, family, health and exercise (not to mention the mundane daily tasks that seems to increase as the year progresses) we often don’t make needed changes until its too late, until we’ve drop one, or all, balls.

If this sounds familiar, booking a wellness holiday in advance can be essential to preventing burnout.

Need another reason? Without pulling the ‘death’ card too early… Numerous studies such as http://people.umass.edu/econ340/vacations_health.pdf have found that taking regular holidays lessens your risk of dying from any cause other than old age and minimises the risk of heart disease.

Taking regular breaks also helps reduce stress, which can lead to a variety of health problems like obesity, depression and anxiety.

It’s been shown that even the simple act of planning a holiday can boost in happiness, and that happiness lasted for eight weeks.

Want more reasons?

1.       Reduces stress levels
Its no surprise that one of the biggest benefits of taking a holiday is that it reduces stress levels dramatically. In today’s competitive world, stress levels of people on the job are dangerously high. By taking a break from work and going on a holiday, stress levels can be kept in control. Not only does this prevent a burnout, but it also helps leave daily worries behind.

2. Improves productivity and creativity
One of the biggest things I noticed from my 4 days away is how my creativiety returned in full force and the ideas just poured out of me!! And its not just me who has noticed this…. often a change of pace and this allows people to see their day to day world in a different manner. Maybe it’s the chance of scene, more time outdoors or more time to think about things that matter, whatever the reason, make sure you pack a notebook for this very reason!

3. Strengthens relationships
This can mean a few different things… first of all if you’re travelling solo or with a friend, the time out is often just what you need to re-centre, focus on what matters (and what doesn’t) and means you can return home actually missing everyone – its true what they say – distance can make the heart grow fonder! On the flip side, going away with that special person can create more memories and bring you closer. Yes to new experiences!

4. Increases confidence levels
Maybe it’s the killer holiday wardrobe, or new found confidence travelling solo to a new country…. Or maybe its alllllll the green juice on your health holiday that just makes you glow – increased levels of confidence post holidays is sure to follow.

5. Improves overall health
Which is what we’re all about right?! Now, not sure where to start?

What type of Health and Wellness Holiday is for you?

Holidays are always a great opportunity to create change and sometimes push boundaries, for instance a solo trekking holiday for a social butterfly can be life changing just as a silence retreat can be for a CEO who is constantly barking orders.

However if you’re short on time or someone who knows what you want, go get it!! First choose the type of holiday:

Detox – weight loss, health and nutrition guidance

Fitness – bootcamps, group retreats, surfing

Wellness & Health – think emotional healing, mediation, mindfulness, life coaching

Yoga & Pilates

Then select your location:


International (if you need inspo of places just jump on https://www.qantas.com/au and get searching).

Then get booking!!

Can’t get away just yet? Don’t worry, you can create your own health retreat in your very home with a few essentials:

Organic herbal tea: drink freely for all the herbal goodness benefits www.littlewildlingco.com is our fave

Green juice: make your own or get some delivered to your door, just make sure its low in sugar/fruit and high in veggies and green

Wholefoods: stock up on all things whole foods – think soups, fish, salad and all the good fats to keep you full

Massage: treat yourself to at least one massage or as many treatments the budget can manage

Exercise: if you cant get out of the house, download an app and roll out that yoga mat and get bendy, it will help your stress, circulation and lympathic system to get all those toxins moving and out of your body!

Journal: write for at least 20 minutes a day and begin goal setting, dreaming and identifying what’s working and not working in your life

Book that holiday: sure you may not be able to go now but a little forward planning never hurt anyone!! Hot tip – make sure your passport is up to date otherwise it will add some unnecessary costs to your pre-holiday check list (yep, take it from me!!).