I’m on a bit of a roll (or obsession) at the moment with all things gut health (if you need a bit of a refresh on why you should also be on board see this blog post here).

What about you?

It’s partly because my 3 year was often sick as a bub so I’m all about strengthen his immune system, and the other is because I know how dam important it is for evvvvverything else to function at its best. Want to get in all the goodness in one fun dose? Enter these bad boys, perfect for kiddies and adults everywhere!


Simple to make with double superpowers thanks to the 2 secret ingridents (gelatin and Henry Blooms Bio-Fermented liquids.)


3 1/2 tablespoons Gelatin

1/3 cup Water

15mls Henry Blooms Papaya and Papain Bio-Fermentation drink

1/2 tablespoon rice malt syrup or honey

Mix the gelatin and water in a small cup. It will firm immediately, so stir quickly to blend. Then let it sit for 5 minutes to get really firm – like a rubber ball. Then add the 15mls of Henry Blooms Papaya and Papain Bio-Fermentation drink and sweetener using a blender or stick mixer.

Then pour into some cute moulds or a square glass dish (to cut shapes once set) and refrigerate for an hour.

Store in a sealed container for up to a week.

That superpower I was telling you about? Well, the Papaya Leaf and Papaya fruit used in the Henry Blooms Bio-Fermented liquids, to potentiate the digestive benefits of the probiotics. Papaya provides Papain, a digestive enzyme that helps break down food in the digestive tract.

Papain possesses a very powerful digestive action superior to pepsin and pancreatin. Fermented papaya leaf is linked with numerous health benefits not just confined to the gut:

  • High antioxidant activity
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Fights chronic, degenerative diseases
  • Strong immunoprotective activity

So what do you think? Are you keen to try some gut gummies that tastes as good as gummies?!