So, I feel like this absolutely needs to be a new series on the blog – how to adult. Coming from someone who has 3 businesses – including managing the careers of others, not to mention having 2 tiny humans of my own to keep alive, you’d think I would be nailing adulting. But you’d be wrong. You see I put everyone and everything else first that sometimes the mere basics slip to the sideline. Well that was before because now, I’m onto it, one task at a time.

I’ve already ticked off skin cancer check, dentist and now it’s time to look into my health cover. And by investigate it, I mean researching all the companies because the one we currently have is not performing for us – and I may or may not have forgotten to add Ava (2 ½) to it…. see? Adulting fail.

 Today I want to introduce you to Peoplecare 

Like many of you, I hadn’t heard of them before, but as they say ‘you don’t have to go bigger to get brilliant health cover’. While Peoplecare isn’t one of the ‘big guys’ their member satisfaction rates and awards prove that size doesn’t matter.

Now here are the need to knows:

Customer Service:

Peoplecare prides itself on offering personal service. A human being answers every phone call (not a machine) and they have different levels of cover to suit your needs – even comparing against other providers to make sure customers are getting the best value.

Ease of claiming:

There are no hoops to jump through to make a claim for what you’re paying for. They even have a mobile app, online services and on-the-spot claiming at some providers.

Customer satisfaction:

As I’ve said, based on the multiple award wins and member satisfaction surveys, Peoplecare provides top-notch service and when I’m unsure of which packages are best for us, we need people to take the time to help us.

Ease of research:

For me, I want to be able to compare what’s included in the plan at a glance – and a quick visit to does that – just select whether you’re single, couple, family or visiting from overseas, then if you’d like to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. and voila  – your wish (of information) is at your hands!

Now at a glance, everything is stacking up for me – ease, price and information forthcoming PLUS I can add Ava straight away (again, slight oversight…) but it’s a big important task in Adulting 101 and I hope it’s one you can easily tick off your list too.

Tell me, have you compared your plans lately? Is it working for you?

Thanks to Peoplecare for sponsoring this article but more importantly, helping Adult better!

The views expressed in this blog are entirely my own.