There is one thing I know for certain… sleep rules my life. When my sleep is poor, it shows. And no amount of caffeinated beverages (or otherwise) can make up for it. 

We spend almost half of our lives in restful slumber; precious hours when our brains are able to process everything from that day; storing memories, consolidating and healing, it all occurs while we dream away. 

Silk bedding has had a huge surge in popularity, with its renowned skin and beauty benefits proving themselves time and time again, it is understandably a worthy luxury for our nights sleep. 

However, what many of us don’t know is that silk has by far the worst impact on the environment of any textile, including polyester, viscose/rayon, and lyocell. It’s worse than the much demonised cotton, using more fresh water, causing more pollution, and emitting more greenhouse gases. Not to mention the cruelty to animals aspect; PETA has also revealed that for every 1 kilogram of silk, 6600 silkworms are boiled or gassed alive. On top of this, roughly 420 billion silkworms are killed annually during the production of silk generally due to disease and pests in industrial farming. 

Fortunately, an alternative to conventionally produced silk has emerged – vegan silk. Which offers all of the same beauty and health benefits that we know and love and more, whilst also being an eco-conscious sustainable choice, better for us, and better for our planet.

An Australian label founded by Michelle Tweddle; Touché’s signature vegan silk is spun from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, sustainably harvested from eucalyptus trees. The wood pulp is treated in a closed-loop system, wherein ninety-nine percent of the water and solvent used in production is recovered and reused, without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. Compare this to conventional silk production – cocoon cooking consumes 57 L of water per kg of raw silk and the reeling process uses 100 L per kg of raw silk.  

And those incredible benefits I mentioned, vegan silk is more durable (you can even pop it though the washing machine – and it only gets softer and more luxurious!) 

It is hypoallergenic and hygienic as the eucalyptus fibres are naturally resistant to the build up of mould, bacteria and dust mites, making the product even more suited to those with sensitive skin or with conditions such as psoriasis or dermatitis. 

It is breathable and cool, assisting in thermoregulation by wicking away the moisture without absorbing it – meaning no unsightly yellow patches either. 

It is ever so gentle on your hair and skin – see you later wrinkles, frizz and unnecessary hair breakage! 

And vegan silk even helps to prevent breakouts with its antibacterial properties helping to keep pores open and unclogged.     

Touché is Oeko-tex 100 certified, a member of 1% for The Planet, Peta-approved Vegan and uses colour-fast Avitera reactive dyes which are free of harsh chemicals, you can read more about this here. 

So how does vegan silk compare price-wise, exceptionally well actually, with a standard pillowcase currently sitting at just under $70 (AU). Touché’s vegan silk range of luxury products don’t cost the earth – or its animals.  

As the brand’s founder Michelle states,”The far majority of Australians are now seeking out beauty essentials that are still luxurious, but aren’t made through beastly processes. Eucalyptus silk is what the community is asking for, what we were asking for. It’s only a matter of time before it grows to cult status.”