By 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea, we have the power to make changes that will help build a cleaner, greener environment for the future. Plastic Free July is the national movement where Australians ditch plastic for one month to help change their habits and environment.

Before you put this in the “too hard basket” choose what you can do this month whether it be to avoid plastics like the ones in your recycle bin, ditching single use takeaway items like coffee cups and water bottles that end up in the ocean or banish it all and go completely plastic free!

One of the most important things you can do is to be more mindful of your daily choices because without realising you are probably using more plastic than you think. You could probably guess them, but the four biggest contributors to plastic waste in Australia are… drum roll please… single use coffee cups, plastic water bottles, straws and plastic bags! Single use items equate to over 50% of our plastic waste. One of the easiest switches to make this month is being conscious of the amount of single-use plastic you are using and #choosetorefuse.

There are some amazing alternatives on the market that will help you smash your plastic free goals. Here are a couple of simple swaps which will have you on your way to a plastic-free lifestyle in next to no time!

  1. Coles and Woolies have/are banning plastic bags at checkouts but you can also say no to plastic beyond the checkout. Say no to packaging around your loose fruit and veg (you can use these produce bags or use the paper mushroom bags to keep those stringy green beans under control.
  2. Plastic straws are a big issue that not many people realise so when you next grab a smoothie or a drink when you are out at a cafe, be bold and ask for no straw or BYO a reusable bamboo or stainless steel straw.
  3. DIY your own all-natural cleaning products for a super clean and enviro-friendly household. Collect your old citrus peels and store in a jar with white vinegar for 2-3 week before transferring to a spray bottle with an equal amount of water. This concoction is perfect for all surfaces and smells super zesty and fresh!
  4. Did you know that every toothbrush you’ve ever owned is still somewhere on this planet? Take a step toward a more sustainable beauty routine and make the switch to a bamboo toothbrush today. They are biodegradable so just snip off the bristles and throw the base in the compost.

By quitting plastic for just one month we’re hoping that Australian’s realise how easy and simple it is to help save our planet, every small change we make as individuals has a big impact. Are you ready to make a change? Get social this month as we spread the message and don’t forget to use the hashtags #banishbandit #choosetorefuse and of course #plasticfreejuly

By Lottie, creator of

It wasn’t until Lottie Dalziel tried to drastically reduce her waste as part of her New Year’s resolution in 2017 that she realised how hard it was not only to find environmentally-friendly products but also find credible information around waste. She launched Banish in March 2018 to help Australians meet their waste goals and help save the plant. If we all make small changes it will make a big difference.