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John McGrath and Anthony Bell are the go-to experts that help the rich get richer and novices navigate the path to financial success.

Below are some of the key points I took away from their key note speeches at an event I was lucky enough to be invited to – thanks!

First up is all about bettering your business life.

Energy & enthusiasm – if you walk around with low energy and hating on life, is that going to translate and promote creativity and passion? No of course not. Start each day like you can better yourself and work towards your goals no matter how big or small.

Gold clarity – do you know what you actually want to achieve? Vision board the shit out of it!! Instead of thinking ‘I can’t’ or ‘it won’t’ – change your thinking to ‘wouldn’t  it be nice when..’ put it out there and you will be surprised what comes back to you. If you think I can’t – what do you think will happen? You got it, you will attract negativity and your dreams and desires will be harder to achieve thanks to those few negative words.

Time management & Process – what does your morning rituals look like? Do you the hit snooze button, grab an outfit off the ground (and look like a hot mess), skip breakfast and have a bad takeaway coffee which leaves you arriving 20 minutes late for work and in a fluster? Stressful right? Instead, try starting the day right by having positive morning habits. Wake up 20 minutes earlier. Breath, meditate, listen to motivation tapes from your mentors, do yoga or a mini workout, have a green shake, take time to dress and present yourself to the world how you want it be seen. Check twitter to read motivational quotes from your peers (instead of watching trashy morning news or negative news reports). Arrive to work 10 minutes early and prepare for your day ahead. Sounds so much better right?

‘If you don’t like change, you’re going to like extinction even less’.

Accountability – who is keeping you accountable? Are you? A business mentor? Peer coaches? If you don’t have anyone who has your back, find someone asap.

Product knowledge and great industry knowledge – continue to learn, continue to research so you can educate the world with what you know. Aim to be the best in your domain.

Time it’s time to assess how are you doing in your life. Next to each of the above points place a number ranging from 0-10 to indicate where you are at (0 is non-existent and 10 is kicking ass).

How is that time management going for you? If you are a 4 or 5 do you think that is going to get you to where you want to be? Take a hard look. These areas are where you can reassess and implement changes. I doubt that many people are a full rounded 10 but that is really what you should be aiming for, why accept anything less?

What’s next to bettering your business life?

1. Tedx your thinking. Think bigger. Always imagine that in 10 years’ time you will be running a global empire. Visualize this. Don’t think I can’t and say it is never going to happen. Ask yourself – is this the best that I could do?

2. Plan to dominate – plan to be the best.

3. Raving fans build your networks – from word of mouth, formal testimonials, social media shout outs, let your ‘fans’ be your greatest advocates.

4. Make me feel important – and make everyone who you come in contact with feel important.

5. Speed of trust – don’t second guess yourself. If something feels wrong in your gut despite someone telling you its ok. Always go with your instincts.

6. Passion and process – if you don’t have the passion there to start with, the process will never follow through.

7. Preparation is free. It costs you nothing to prepare, to research and plan. What are the key messages you want communicate? You should always know this and make sure everything reflects those messages. Taking the time prepare is really a reflection of your personal pride to make your life/business better. People will see this and you will be rewarded in the future.

8. Dollar productive activities – this is all about prospecting for new business and engaging current clients. How much of your time is spent on your business? It’s so important to build up new business to be be dollar productive.

9. Meetings – always have five face to face qualified meetings a week to grow your business.

10. High performance benchmarks – have high standards throughout your business. From business cards, the tea you serve, the gifts you give – exuded high quality.

11. Hyper product knowledge – be a 9 or 10. Aim to be an expert and know your stuff.

12. Systemise. Automate. Delegate – get everything down pack so it works smoothly. You need systems, you need it to happen immediately, and if not, delegate it. If you are not an expert in that area, get someone who is to do it.

13. You need to be great at crucial conversations. These can change your life. What you do today can have a huge impact on your future tomorrow. Back yourself, if you don’t it is costly. If you don’t believe you can do it why would anyone else?

14. Build oil wells. You must network, get groups, join boards etc. You must add values to these groups and they will give you returns in the future.

15. One day per week on your business – look at your diary and look at what can you improve, where are you wasting time? You need to work out of the business for one day a week, rather than in the business. You are not the only one who can do things – other people can attend meetings, take classes, write articles etc.

Now put everything into practice and execute it. Just do it.


And lastly, here are some key points from ‘celebrity accountant’ Anthony Bell.

Start with an achievable goal: it’s all about setting goals and moving towards them.

Setting perfect financial goals:

1. Wealth is a marathon not a sprint

2. Invest in yourself before you invest in others

3. Save a minimal of 20% of your income

4. Set a three year milestone and measure it by 36 months (set app reminders in your phone)

5. 10% growth per year is not a dirty word

6. Choose a peer partner with similar goals

7. Say no to risks

8. Reward yourself but only in moderation

9. Don’t set mediocre goals

Things to do in next 7 days

1. Find someone who has achieved wealth and find out how they did it

2. Write a budget from bottom to top (20% savings ie $200 a week savings) then write a budget on how you can live on the rest of the 80%. You can invest that 20% in a term deposit. Invest in yourself and work hard to get a pay rise if need to get extra money

3. Seek out a coach / mentor / peer partner

4. Write down your goals for the next 3 years (use iPhone reminders)

5. Start reading a book on wealth from someone you are aligned to

6. Stop saving you are going to do it. Do it

7. Keep your day job


Seek wealth for independence

photo credit: Damian Morys Photography via photopin cc