I’m a big list maker. I love nothing more than noting down random thoughts, goals, challenges and updating that constant ‘to do list’. I love that elusive feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that washes over me once they are completed and ticked off. But there has been one thing on that list which has remained untouched and carried across from list to list, year after year.


I know what you must be thinking, how can I not already be partaking in this zen habit? Shouldn’t I be leading by example? Aren’t I in the health and wellness industry?!

Let me explain, it’s not that I don’t believe in the positive aspects of meditation because I truly do. I know that regular practise can be life changing but for some reason I have always let something (read: excuses) stand in my way such as;

I don’t know how (I know, I know…).

I don’t have time.

I need a ‘special’ zen space.

I can’t still my mind.

These are my personal roadblocks which only I can remove, and thanks to BK Jayanti (and a little willpower) I finally have.

I was fortunate enough to meet BK Jayanti last week in Sydney at an intimate event where she spoke about happiness, mediation and the power within. BK Jayanti ‘s not only a teacher but one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time at the world’s largest spiritual organisation led by women, The Brahma Kumaris.

Just being in BK Jayanti presence had a calming effect, her though evoking and kind words simply made sense: we need to re-discover how a positive mind has the power to experience happiness, whenever we wish. Yes, even while in Sydney traffic.

Enter meditation.

BK Jayanti“I know that, in order to experience peace, I have to remove the negativity that is within the soul, because peace is deeply connected with a state of inner cleanliness This includes things like anger in even its slightest form of irritation or displeasure. I remove all this by connecting with my own original state of being – of goodness. I’m then able to maintain peace not only during meditation but in my life throughout the day.

I have also discovered that peace is deeply connected with faith in God. I am able to draw power from God, which helps me deal with whatever happens in daily life. The power that comes from my connection with God enables me to maintain my own sense of calm and stability in difficult situations. I am then also able to be a calming presence for others, so that they too can experience peace.“ BK Jayanti

BK Jayanti guided us through Raja Yoga meditation – a powerful method for connecting to the positive, nurturing, loving, and strengthening inner aspects of life. This simple meditation doesn’t require a mantra, chanting, special postures, or external scenes of beauty. It does, however, have a high aim: becoming a self-sovereign, master of the mind and senses. This meditation can be carried inside ourselves so that we can practice it, not just when we’re sitting quietly, but also as we continue to fulfil our daily tasks and responsibilities.

We didn’t have to empty my minds nor did we chant with eyes closed, on the contrary we were to think of positive thoughts with eyes gazing forward

It starts with a very simple step: visualizing the essence of the self as a tiny star situated between the eyes at the centre of the forehead. This is the ‘I’ within, who thinks, feels, dreams, understands, interprets, and responds to the physical world around us. A good analogy is a miner’s lamp, although that is still a physical object, external to its owner, this light of inner awareness, the light of I, the soul, radiates from a dimensionless point. When we allow our consciousness to rest in this awareness and identity of being a point of light, we are able to let go of thoughts and feelings concerning the body and its activities and relationships. No longer pulled this way and that by the flux of events, we feel better able to be ourselves.

Apart from calming the mind, decreasing stress, increasing happiness and other benefits to good to pass up, thanks to meditation you may also experience:

  • Better sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less anxiety
  • Faster healing
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Stronger immune response

This method isn’t difficult nor does it costs anything, in fact there is plenty of free information via www.bkjayanti.org to assist you.

Check out the website for some beautiful tools to help you explore this a little further, and hopefully if you are like me, you can tick (and continue) to practice meditation – even if it is just for 10 minutes a day.

I would love to read your comments below if you already meditate (or are going to!) and how it has effected your life.

Lee x