Want to pick up a book for a bit of 2016 ‘New Year New Year’ type of inspo? Or maybe you are looking for a gift that’s actually useful for a Christmas gift? Either way, the selection below of new releases has you covered!

Lola Berry: Lola Berry’s Little Book of Smoothies and Juices: 60 Super-Fast Recipes for Radiance and Wellbeing here

You should get if…well you should just get so you don’t miss out on this goodie! A collection of easy and delicious recipes which is perfect when you think you are too busy to be healthy. This little book is packed with delicious and nourishing smoothie and juice recipes that you can whip up in a jiffy. All recipes are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Drink your way through the rainbow, from antioxidising greens and potassium-rich yellows to luscious pinks and purples chock-full of vitamin C. Drink your way to energy, radiance and good health! Why not go ‘vintage’ Lola and get her 20/20 Diet cookbook too? Seriously good recipes that will have you feeling glowing and happy in no time at all.



Alison Nancy and Pippy Pomeranz: The Umbrella Girls here

You should get if…have young girls in your life? Then pass on the Barbie and get them this. The Umbrella Girls series of books, suitable for Primary School students is an opportunity for children to celebrate cultural diversity, recognise their gifts and talents, and learn how to draw on their resilience resources and build self-confidence. Each book highlights real life challenges the lead character experiences which offers real life wisdom throughout the plot that real life readers can learn from. These visually beautiful books are complemented with exquisite illustrations by French Total Girl illustrator Maude Guesne. Each story includes empowering and enjoyable life learning tools to build the reader’s knowledge. These include life skills such as mindfulness, meditation, speaking up, compassion, embracing change, facing your fears and gratitude exercises. The reader is also provided with opportunities throughout the plot to discover the answers for themselves that children often have, which become bigger problems if not addressed.

Donna Hay: life in balance here

You should get if… you are confused about all the conflicting messages of what to eat and what not to eat. When there are so many passing fads and extreme diets out there, it’s a relief to turn to a voice of reason, Australia’s bestselling and most trusted cook, Donna Hay, for a realistic, sustainable and more balanced approach to fresher, healthier eating.
Life in Balance is about embracing food and all its benefits. Each chapter, from breakfast to baking, has simple recipes enriched with nature’s superfoods – think leafy greens, bright fresh berries, creamy nuts and nourishing grains.

Melissa Ambrosini: Mastering Your Mean Girl here

You should get if…you are a female. This is a no-BS guide to becoming wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. You know that sneaky voice inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, whatever enough? That’s your Mean Girl. And she’s doing her best to keep you stuck in what Mel calls ‘Fear Town’, too scared to go after the life you always imagined. Get this lil number and you will be coached to overcome that mean girl.

What’s you favourite books out now? Yes we need the nourishing ones (above) but also a bit of trash goes a long way!!

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