Byron Bay is my happy place. Thankfully, my hubby also feels the same way and every year we find an excuse to go there as often as possible. His birthday on the Australia Day long week, or for a sneaky mid year holiday break or really for any reason we can find. Most recent was my last horary Babymoon which was pretty special.

As I always get asked where to go in Byron I thought I’d share some of my faves.


Bryon At Byron

Every time.

This place is just oh so special. Nested amongst the trees and wooden boardwalks hides an array of rooms which makes you feel like you are staying somewhere secret and isolated (even though its just a 5 minute drive out of the Bryon town centre). You’re made to feel like a celebrity because all the staff treats guests with such genuine care, and when you check out? Well you will feel like you have been spoilt at a luxe retreat day after day.

Maybe it is the (free) morning yoga sessions, or the spa, which has some of the best treatments I’ve ever had. Or maybe its the restaurant which makes it hard to go anywhere else for meals. What ever the reason, we always make sure we stay for 2 nights to get our fix when visiting Bryon before staying in a house with a bunch of friends.

Treat yourself, laze by the pool, book a massage, order the pork (anything), and feel your stressors fade away! Just an fyi to all the pregnant women out there – BEST massage ever.

byron at byron


The Farm Byron Bay, 

When I feel the hecticisity (thats a word right?!) of the city get on top of me, I close my eyes and picture my future property in Bungalow (located just out of Bryon). And I see it looking a little like this place.

Sure it has amazing food (like really amazing) from the lads that bough us Three Blue Ducks in Sydney. You can choose to either sit down in the cafe area or line up and get a roast roll and sit on the grass to eat. But for me, what I really not-so-secretly love, is the chooks, cows and horses that you can walk around and see that gets me. Hey, I am a farm gal from way back after all!

Their motto ‘Grow, Feed, Educate’ inspires all that they do. And they have certainly succeeded at that.

the farm


Old-school enamel kitchenware? Check. Organic local food on the menu? Double check. Located just out of town this is a new fave for its relaxed and peaceful vibe. Sit outside on the grass and soak it up, while knocking back a killer coffee and breaky bowl with poached eggs. And then pancakes. Good luck choosing…

Harvest Cafe

Again this one is located just out of town but worth the drive. With everything made on site and a menu that changes regularly, the food will of course win you over, but then it’ll be the actually building, then the garden, and then the shop next door. I always go for home made crumpets… but then the Spiced Roast Cauliflower with poached eggs, Tahini, Dukkah also is worth a mention.


Bryon Fresh

I am pretty sure all I ever get here is the Dandy Chai in the morning post lighthouse run, and then its the pork belly at night. Why change a good thing?

This one is right in the centre of town (hint it’s next door to the main pub). They serve just plain good food with a wide range of options to suit everyone (non-healthies included).

Top Shop

Sure this place is know for their epic burgers, shakes and juices, but it’s their acai bowls which lures us back time after time. Shaun is still trying to nail the recipe at home to taste like theirs but is yet to get there (sorry babe, keep trying!).


Good coffee, good breakies (hello corn cakes) and good hipster man buns.

When I manage to peel myself away from having breaky here daily and instead try dinner… I of course discovered that yes, they deliver there too. Make sure you have a look see at the cocktail and whiskey menu.


Naked Treaties

Once you’ve have had a tummy full of all the amazing Bungalow pork from the other cafes, head to Naked Treaties for a change of pace but equally epic raw treats and smoothies. You will feel a little overwhelmed when trying to order because there is so many choices but you’ll be fine… promise.



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