December means parties, summer, new wardrobe essentials, and Christmas presents. In other words, a lot of outgoing money!! Let’s save a little this year and give something that is both useful and doesn’t break the bank. Plus everything has that cool factor (bonus points to you) and they’re all things I kinda want, or have already and love.

1. Little Wildling Co organic, loose leaf herbal teas. Luxe, stylish and good for you. What more could you want? Shop the range here

2. As much as I friken love my teas (I go through about 8 cups a day…), I also have a very special spot for coffee in my heart. If I don’t have one amazing drop in the morning, well, it’s not pretty. While cruising the web for options to buy a home kit I came across Di Bella Coffee online which has everything you could want from beans to the machine and everything in-between. It also has the cheapest tea strainer I have come across, perfect to couple with present option one. Present nailed. Check out the range here

3. On my want list is this sweet little paper bag. These bags are a blank canvas that can be styled to fit any interior design and space. Basically they look great everywhere with anything! UASHMAMA paper bags are designed to be rolled so you can alter the height to suit the contents. The rest of the online store is also a bit dangerous… lock away the credit card. new christmas under 40_edited-2 4. If you are really strapped for cash then this gift of native Everlasting Daisy seeds from Sow ‘n Sow is for you. It’s only $8.95 and is a gift and a card in one. The Gift of Seeds is embellished with stunning illustrations created by Daniella Germain from Melbourne. Each packet comes with a unique plant label, seeds and sowing instructions.

5. Need something for someone who has everything? These Horn bowls are handmade in Kenya from re-salvaged cow horn. Great for salt, pepper and spices or general serving. Naturally the colour of horn is quite varying therefore each one is unique in colour, they all hold the same lovely qualities and texture. See, something they don’t have but can use.

6. Musq exfoliator. So I have used a bunch of their products but this one is a stand out. It’s a gentle mineral based exfoliant enriched with rose, rice and clay to leave skin polished with a refined texture and radiant glow. Smells pretty, looks pretty (and expensive). Plus Rebecca Judd is a big fan so she likes it, everyone will like it.

7. How can you (or gift receiver) start the new year without a new diary? You simply can’t. Get motivated and organised at the same time with this Lorna Jane 2016 planner.

8. Everyone needs a little greenery in their life, especially when all the other plants keeps dying (or is that just me?). No need to go too expensive, just head to Bunnings or somewhere similar for a cheaper version but these hanging succulents gets the tick of approval from me!


Thanks Santa, I’ll be ready and waiting.

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