As you all know one of my passions is leading a healthy lifestyle, and anything related to this, I’m on board with. I also love anything that allows me to get creative, so vision boards fits nicely into both categories. They act as reminders, help inspire me to complete goals and generally help keep me on track. Plus, they’re so easy to make and look real pretty. Winning.

This year Officeworks is encouraging Australians to give the Gift of Creativity, providing loved ones with the right tools to facilitate projects that align to their passions. So, when challenged by Officeworks to give the ‘Gift of Creativity’, I was excited to get involved. I thought what better way to share my love of being active  and annoyingly motivated than by giving my sister (shhh, don’t tell) the tools to create her very own motivational vision board.

If you don’t know what a vision board is, check out my previous post here to read all about the benefits.


Magazines are my go-to for inspiring and uplifting pictures, so to get my sister started; I picked out a few copies from my collection (which includes travel, creative, fashion and fitness titles). From there, I took a visit to the mother of all stationery stores (and art supplies, tech, design and writing materials, diaries, pretty paper…), Officeworks, to collect all the equipment needed for my gift:

I picked up Post it notes to jot down easy tips and inspirational quotes that I’ve come across, colourful pens to give the board lots of colour and Kraft paper to give it an edgy, cool look.


My gift includes all the tools my sis will need to create her own motivational vision board which I hope will help her kick some serious 2016 goals. Regardless, I’m confident that it will be a really fun project for her to enjoy over the Christmas break – hey I might even join her and create another for myself.

The other great thing is she can re-use all of my gifts to make more vision boards in the future, mixing up the theme and style!

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With a wide range of arts and crafts at everyday low prices, Officeworks is my one-stop-shop for gifts that inspire creativity and encourages loved ones to use their imagination. I urge you to think about the projects you could inspire your friends and family to pursue and share your gifts of creativity via #creativegifting – I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This post has been sponsored by Officeworks