Feeling embarrassed?  How often has this feeling (or the thought of it occurring) prevented you doing something?

Maybe it stopped you presenting a great idea in a meeting for the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of the group.

Maybe you never tried bootcamp again because you were so unfit and far behind the rest of the group you couldn’t help but feel a flutter of embarrassment.

Have you said no to a lunch or party because it was with a group of people you didn’t know and you just felt plain old shy? (Yep, I’m putting my hand up to that one too).

Yes, it can rear its negative head at many unexpected moments which may bring up feelings of inadequacy, but don’t you think it is time to face that emotion head on?

Don’t you think you have missed out on enough opportunities because of it? I certainly have!

One definition states: Embarrassment is an emotional state of temporary discomfort induced by oneself when believing that a silly, or ill mannered act has been witnessed by others. Usually a small amount of honor or dignity is temporarily lost, but how much and the type depends on the embarrassing situation.

I want you to pay attention to the words ‘temporary discomfort’ and ‘induced by oneself’ because this is important . You must remember that feeling embarrassed is a temporary feeling only bought on by YOU if you allow it to.

So instead of shying away from situations that may make you feel uncomfortable or has the possibility to cause internal embarrassment  (does ‘what the hell will I say to all the people in the room I don’t know?!’ ring a bell..?) just do it. Just say yes and get it done. You will feel so much better in the end for taking risks than sitting on the sidelines all the time.

It is such a divinely simple solution: you just have to do it.

Think about it this way, if you never learnt how to draw or paint when you were younger (or you tried and then stopped because you thought you were no good), then you picked up a brush tomorrow – do you think you will have amazing adult capabilities?

No, because you stopped and your abilities didn’t grow, it hasn’t had the chance to progress through repetition and practice. And it is exactly the same with our emotions. If you inner voice has always been negative it is going to take time for positivity to take over –  but day by day with repetition of self-love and exercising positive thoughts, the change will happen – I am living proof!

Sure you may stumble through your first few words when presenting for the first few times, but look at how much is to gain by doing rather than not doing it!

By continuing to go to bootcamps your fitness will improve and your confidence will soar.

And saying yes to a lunch that you felt too shy to go to? You might just meet a new great friend, or at the very least, experience a new moment.

By doing, you grow. By being brave, you accept the emotion and possibilities. You learn, you adapt and then one day – whola! Something that in the past would have made you squirm or you avoiding in fear, has been replaced by excitement and new opportunities!!!

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photo credit: Alex Dram via photopin cc