It’s not hard to be drawn in by the allure of yoga.

With promises of a toned bod, instant zen and long stretchy limbs, its enough to get anyone to sign up for a 10 pack stat. But ease up my friend, before you swipe that credit card be sure to shop around for a studio that suits your needs. I suggest trying a BodyPass membership first so you can go to a bunch of different studios before you commit to ‘the one’, because lets be honest, you don’t want to feel bitter about limbering up at an overpriced studio that you don’t actually love.

  • (* Excuse my assumption but if you don’t know what BodyPass is… in a nutshell, it gives you access to unlimited fitness classes and outdoor activities, $49 for the first the first month so you can swim, do pilates, barre, high intensity interval training, outdoor group fitness sessions like Fitness In The City (see what I did there…?) boxing and of course, plenty of yoga. It keeps it fresh and fun – a good sampler to see what is out there).

So you have your pass to get in to all the best studios in your city, you now need to look the part, and lets not pretend this isn’t your favourite bit… choose the outfit (um The Upside everything).

  • Lastly, once you’ve tried a few classes, now ask yourself:
  • Is it convenient for you? Just because all the cool kids go there does not mean you will if its a 40 minute drive away…
  • Do you gel with the teacher? If not, their every om will get you more grrr than glowing
  • Do you like the style? Don’t just stop at one class because there are a bunch for you to try – yin yoga, power, bikram – the list goes on.


  1. Nimble tights via Stylerunner here
  2. The Upside Lily yoga bag via The Iconic here
  3. BodyPass membership here
  4. The Lucky Ones water bottle here
  5. Little Wildling Co ‘Hibernate & Chill’ post yoga organic tea here
  6. Lululemon reversible mat here

Where to try:

Some of my faves across both Sydney and Melbourne include:

Humming Puppy

Modo Yoga

Urban Yoga

One Hot Yoga

Bondi Urban Yoga


Power Living

Flow Athletic



Would love to know where you practice so I can check out, just comment below.

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