It’s oh so hot outside right now and summer here in Australia isnt even in full swing yet! Rather than hide away from the season, check out our top tips to embrace it.

Hydrate: Lets not kid ourselves, we pray for the sun and once it is here in full swing all I hear is everyone complaining on how hot and dehydrated they are?! Time to clue up people and beat the thirst and dehydration BEFORE it actually gets past the point of no return. This means downing PLENTY of water when at the beach, home and especially when before/during/after working out.

As with everything we put in our bodies, make sure what you’re consuming is the best, and drinking water is no exception – especially as we encourage you to drink at least 2L a day.

For the ultimate hydration this summer we’re loving Alka Power, Australia’s first premium ionic alkaline water with the benefits of a unique high pH level.


Now before you think we’re crazy for going gaga over water, here is why this one stands out:

  • Through a proprietary process, Alka Power delivers superior quality that maximises health benefits beyond other alkaline, spring and bottled waters, energy and health drinks that are on the market. Most alkaline waters in the Australian market are a pH of 7 to 8.2 at the source and have an unstable pH. Other bottled spring waters are on the acidic side of the pH scale which offer little rehydrating. Alka Power exceeds this by delivering a stable pH9->10 with active ionic minerals – nearly 100 times more alkaline and more efficient in hydrating and absorption than any other, making it Australia’s highest pH alkaline water on the market!
  • It is this powerful synergy between alkalinity and active ionic minerals that fuel ultimate hydration, balance and performance – making Alka Power the water choice for a number of Australian elite athletes and professionals.
  • Alka Power is environmentally friendly and is produced in a bottle that is BPA, BPF, BPS free and up to 50% recycled PET.
  • Health benefits range from increase in blood flow, enhances circulation and metabolism, increases energy, replenishes essential minerals and boosts the immune system.
  • It’s ultra clean so the taste is crisp and pure, making it easy to consume.
  • Skip the mineral water, just add lemon or lemon, pour over ice and whola – a big glass of summer chill!


Active Swimwear:

Gone are the days where you have to change out of your sweaty workout gear before hitting the beach or pool. Cool off in an instant with latest Australian active swimwear label ALL I SEA, co-founded by Olympian Leisel Jones, and designed by athletes for athletes.

ALL I SEA encompasses the best of land and water swimwear and activewear features allowing the wearer to seamlessly transition and pursue any activity in and out of the water.

Their first collection, The Bondi Range, has 9 key pieces across the men’s and women’s collections including a one-piece, mix and match tops and bottoms for the females and swimmers, compression shorts and board-shorts for the men, and a unisex tank made from 100 per cent merino wool.


In designing the range, ALL I SEA has considered specific features to craft the perfect garments:

  • Aqua seal non rust zippers and the specific placement of the zippers
  • High performance, functional, quick dry and breathable fabrics,
  • Cross functional board shorts for swimming and training so the length of the shorts doesn’t interfere when squatting, running and surfing
  • Mesh pockets to allow the water to flow through the shorts
  • Elastic waistbands to ensure maximum movement and support in the garments
  • Removal support padding in the female pieces

“We are all athletes, and we wanted a product that lets us live our lifestyle without any obstacles. Going for a run and then a swim and to the gym, without been stuck in the middle of bathers and running gear. We wanted something transitional,” Said co-founder Keri Kitay.


Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater:

Our home isn’t blessed with conditioning and man it can get hot. Like real hot, and our ancient floor fans just aint cutting it anymore. Add the issue of tiny baby fingers wanting to touch the fan while its on… this Dyson fan can’t come into my life soon enough (hint hint Santa). While theres a range to suit every budget I have my eye on the new purifying range (which both cools and heats).

When used as a cooling fan, Dyson AM09 fan heater has powerful airflow and high air velocity to cool you effectively. It uses Air Multiplier technology for long-range heat projection – it provides direct heat throughout the room. There are no visible heating elements or fast-spinning blades, and the unit switches off automatically if tipped over. Bliss.

AmiSoleil sunshade:


Thanks to our previous article on natural sunscreens you have that covered but its not enough. Shade is essential when you are hitting the beach or park and we’ve found just the thing!

AmiSoleil is a local business founded by Queensland mother Kim McTighe. Offering a beautiful and functional range of sunshades and accessories, AmiSoleil was created to protect beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts from the harsh UV rays while enjoying the outdoors.

  • The sunshade is UV tested to the highest rating, UPF 50+ which was granted through the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), which is a Federal Government rating agency
  • The sunshade has two different positions – both an A and L shape allowing consumers to set up the shade based on the direction of the sun (to maximise the amount of shade) and the direction of the breeze
  • If positioned correctly, you can achieve up to 5m of shade under and in front of the sunshade
  • The sunshade has 10 eyelets which enables users to experiment with a variety of other setup options to suit a variety of situations
  • The sunshade can also be tied between trees for a flat roof
  • The sunshades are simple to put together with compact and collapsible poles and easy to use use, and are easy to transport and carry.

There you have it, drink your oh so fresh water while in your new swim year under the new sun shade before you get home to chill in front of the fan…. summer bliss!