Whether the goal is lose weight, gain muscle or bulk up for competitions, protein powders and health supplements are an important part of the fitness routine of many Australians. But did you know that many of the protein powders on the market use unnatural fillers? Do you really know what is in your supplements? Brace yourself because it isn’t what you initially think…

I love game changers in the health industry and Ricky Feldman (The founder of Pure Lean Nutrition) is one of those.

As a skinny kid with low self-confidence and body issues Ricky tried multiple times to change his body and failed. It was after a chance meeting with his bodybuilding uncle that Ricky discovered the important role diet and supplements played in body transformation.

As Ricky’s body began to change he started to become more and more interested health and fitness as opposed to the cosmetic changes to his body. He began studying nutrition and eventually started his own supplement company. These early years would set Ricky’s values later in life which would become relevant today.

As a result, Pure Lean Nutrition (PLN) http://www.pureleannutrition.com.au/ was born.

Before creating his brand of protein powders – mixing the first batches up in his own kitchen at home – Pure Lean Nutrition founder Ricky met with a number of the producers who supply his competitors and discovered the secret behind protein fillers. After finding out the dirty tricks they use to keep their costs low he vowed to bring awareness to this issue and develop a range of naturally derived protein powders that deliver results regardless of your fitness goals.

Sure your thinking, another protein powder, whats so special about this brand? Well for starters Pure Lean Nutrition, is 100% naturally sourced ingredients with products that are both vegetarian and vegan friendly. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, all products are tested upon arrival and then tested again in an Australian Laboratory. This is often the missing step in the over populated market of the health market.

After spending 2 years conducting research and travelling around the world visiting supplement factories and suppliers, Ricky learnt a couple of shocking secrets about the supplement industry. Secrets that were at first hard to uncover…

Unsanitary working conditions of a majority of factories. Exposed processing equipment, uncovered ingredient stalls and dirty surroundings were but a few examples. Ricky also noticed fillers and thickeners being added to the ingredients to help spread out the real nutritious material.

This discovery started to form Ricky’s mistrust of the industry.

The most shocking? Ricky learnt that most supplement companies use duck feathers and human hairs to create amino acids.

You read that correctly.

This was only discovered after exploring quotes and price differences. After many questions, the answer was finally revealed:, the cheaper quote used duck feathers and human hairs to extract the keratin, the more expensive quote

used a vegetable source. The suppliers advised that most Australian companies used the cheaper quote as ‘they can get away with it’ and ‘no one would be the wiser’.

While we aren’t here to name and shame the many companies that do this (and there are many), what we and Ricky want to do is help educate you and inspire other supplement companies to change their practices.

So what makes them different?

Pure Lean Nutrition is devoted to supplying the best possible protein powders and dietary supplements possible – with no fillers or thickeners. They source the highest quality ingredients from around the world and work with nutritionists to supply high quality supplements that have been laboratory tested so their customers can be guaranteed of purity and product satisfaction.

The Pure Lean Nutrition protein powders have been created with maximum effectiveness and health benefits in mind, with delicious flavours added to their products that make them a cut above their competitors.

  • Naturally sourced • Locally made & Internationally sourced • Vegetarian friendly* • Contain no fillers including duck feathers or human hair • Family owned and run

Just in case you were wondering my faves are Glutamine, BCAA,  and the Natural Pea Protein Vanilla Chia!!

We know you care about what you put into your body, so shop wisely my friend!

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