You don’t have to be a fully fledged greenie to do your bit for the environment. But what you can do is small changes which adds up over time, below are 4 which you can easily implement, no tie dyed required.

  1. Reusable coffee cups

We all know as Australians we love our coffee, but coffee cups are considered to be the second largest cause of litter waste. Unfortunately, our country contributes to 1billion disposable coffee cups into landfill each year!

Enter Uppercup…

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne to combat Australia’s increasing landfill epidemic, Uppercup’s patented design offers a smart and stylish solution to waste management with its strategically engineered and recyclable range of reusable coffee cups. Made from a new kind of high quality Eastman Tritian Copolyester plastic, Uppercup is BPA and BPS free; and offers a durable glass-like frame that is not only odour and stain resistant, but also dishwasher safe.

Next time you’re ordering your morning latte, consider a reusable coffee cup. The environment (and your barista) will love you for it.

Grab one for yourself here – we use ours every day for our morning coffee at home (because, the cup without the lid is pretty dam cool) and then pop in our bag for when we head out!

  1. Ditch the plastic bottled water

Ironically, did you know it takes almost three litres of water to produce one plastic water bottle?

Bottled water consumption is increasing and unfortunately most of the bottles end up in landfill and can take up to 1000 years to break down into the ecosystem.  Australian owned company 321 Water have produced a reusable water bottle with its own filtration system, giving you no excuse not to make the switch. Shop the bottles and download the app here 

  1. Rethink plastic Straws

Think about it-  straws are a single use item, used for an average of 20 minutes and then tossed into landfill where it can sit for centuries. With an estimated 8 million tonnes of straws polluting our oceans every year, it’s not hard to realize what an unnecessary item they actually are. Metal or glass straws are a fantastic alternative- keep one in your handbag at all times and say no to plastic straws. Want something a little prettier? Go cardboard recyclable ones. Easy.

Our fave online store Shop Naturally has a bunch to choose from here

  1. Say goodbye to Plastic bags

Australians are estimated to use 5 billion plastic bags a year with just under 4 billion of those bags being tossed into landfill. The rest of these bags are entering the environment causing irreversible damage and like most plastic, take hundreds of years to break down. Every state except NSW have implemented or planned the ban of plastic bags so as a nation, were well on our way to reducing the plastic waste.

Getting into the habit of bringing your own plastic bags when shopping is a time and money saver and is a priceless way of helping converse our natural environment.

Needs some bag ideas? Shop Naturally has a bunch here too

Would love to hear your tips below!

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