When we think about leisure what often springs to mind may not be the happiest of associations. 

Perhaps even something along the lines of indulgence, laziness, excess, luxury, and other seemingly inessential pleasures of the self. Especially, as we so often do, prioritise productivity and achievement above all else in our ultra-busy modern world, tying our idea and perception of ourselves to our accomplishments. 

Leaving leisure relegated to something that we ‘might’ get to eventually, and perhaps only if we feel we are successful enough to deserve it. 

What if we were to turn this on its head and begin to view leisure as a necessary process that in fact spurs on our achievements, boosts our creativity and ability to think outside the box, enabling us to simply be, without chasing or running from, anything. 

Reigniting childlike states of play in which our imagination is free to roam. 

Quieting the noise of the hustle long enough to really listen and be present with ourselves.  

Leisure, which isn’t in fact lazy, or indulgent, opens up the space to organically re-energise our entire being.  

Making way for less striving, and more ease. 

“But I don’t have time for leisure activities, there’s always something to be done…” an all too familiar echo. 

Thankfully one of the greatest gifts in life is that each day is not one in a string of many, but, in fact, a do-over. A chance to continue what we’ve enjoyed, and to start afresh the things that haven’t gone as we’d hoped or planned. 

So why not use this moment to shift towards leisure and witness the flow on effect in your own life?


By Amanda Foreman A lover of imagery in all its forms. 

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‘Otiosa’- Latin Dictionary; free, at leisure
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Noosa, QLD