We get it, if you’re at the start of your eco journey it can be overwhelming. Rather than tackling it all at one here are 3 easy swaps that you can make and weave into your life.


Stocking up the pantry with dry goods doesn’t have to been hundreds of individual bags, in fact it can mean the opposite. I have a new found love for shopping in bulk, not only does it cut down on your shopping trips but it already means it goes that extra mile in packaging.

Me? I shop in bulk at Naked Foods where it allows me to take in my own jars to refill pretty much everything you could ever need – honey, oil, flour, nuts, seeds, powders, washing liquid. Or if taking jars isn’t your vibe, then you just use the brown paper bags which you can reuse at home or recycle after. Super easy!

Don’t live in the city? Just jump online to order https://nakedfoods.com.au/ and get it delivered to your door step.


Did you know that one in three women are not aware there is plastic inside tampons?

Or that if 100,000 young girls pledged to go plastic-free for their period from the start of their menstrual cycle, this would prevent 11 billion disposable hygiene products ending up as landfill or 1.5 million garbage bags of waste?

Motivated by the huge ecological impact of sanitary products on our planet, innovative Australian sustainable leak proof apparel company, Modibodi are urging girls and women around the country to ‘make a plastic free period pledge’.

Period undies may sound odd and trust me, I wasn’t sure how they would work or feel either but I am converted! Modibodi look and feel just like regular underwear and in turn, reduce the amount of single-use plastics ending up in landfill.

Founded in late 2013 by Kristy Chong, Modibodi provides people all around the world with access to reusable and sustainable briefs, active wear, swimwear and maternity wear for women, men and teens.

If you’re curious how they work read on… Modibodi underwear use a  patented and tested Modifier Technology which includes a natural fibre top layer that wicks moisture quickly through into an ultra-absorbent middle layer and the bottom breathable, water-proof layer protects from leaks onto clothes.

The three layers combined are super slim at just three millimetres, so it just feels like wearing regular underwear. The whole garment is antibacterial to eliminate any odour. So, you can wear Modibodi as a backup to disposables, or even replace your disposable hygiene products and step out knowing you are protected and do not need to worry about unexpected surprises.

Moderate-heavy absorbency Modibodi underwear is scientifically proven to hold 15ml or 2-3 tampons worth of liquid, meaning less need for changing. Modibodi underwear in light-moderate absorbency holds 10 ml or 1-2 tampons, while our heavy-overnight absorbency can hold up to 20ml or 3-4 tampons worth of liquid!

Check out the range here: https://www.modibodi.com/


There’s so many swaps that you could do in the bathroom so Ill save that for another day but a simple easy one (and oh so convenient) is toilet paper.

Order it online, it comes in a box to your door step, and rather than being wrapped in plastic (or use unsustainable ingredients). Win win!!

Toilet paper wipes out 27,000 trees worldwide daily, either flushed or dumped in landfill. Trees are for climbing not wiping!

Enter How We Roll https://au.howwerollco.co/ where everything is 100% recycled and tree free.

We also love that every box sold they also contribute one tree to help rebuild bushfire affected regions in Australia. A partnership with their mates at One Tree Planted.