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There are too many ways to introduce Lindy Klim, but I can promise you that each will leave you feeling oh so envious. Lindy is a woman who wears many hats. She lives between Bali and Australia (cue first pang of jealousy), is the wife to Olympic-swimmer Michael Klim, and mother to 3 gorgeous children. Then there’s her stunning style and a resume which combines both beauty and brains: model, DJ, entrepreneur and co-founder of Milk & Co.

Oh, and did I mention she is also a Balinese Princess?

While we may be forgiven for thinking Lindy is superwoman, at the end of the day she assures us that she is just like any other working mum trying to juggle parenting and life in this modern day world.


“What you see, is what you get.” And that is why we love her.

The Milk & Co brand began in 2008 as a line of men’s skincare products, and just a year later natural skincare range ‘Milk Baby’ was released for babies. Lindy recently added another feather in her (stylish) cap and celebrated the launch of the third addition to the Klim’s natural skincare line, Milk & Co: Milk by Lindy Klim for Women.

I caught up with Lindy to talk all things Milk & Co, her favourite beauty products and what sets the range apart.

“The new Lindy Klim range is 95% natural and Australian made affordable skin care that is easily accessible to the modern day woman. I’ve tried to incorporate as many Balinese ingredients as possible so I can bring a sense of island life to your everyday bathroom ritual.” With key ingredients that are “almost good enough to eat”, I’d say she has definitely achieved it!


“Having drawn on the great respect I’ve always had for the benefits of natural ingredients, you’ll love the essential oils, plant extracts and native Balinese components that have come together to create the range. Being 95% naturally derived, paraben and alcohol free and made in Australia, I am so excited to be able to offer a collection of products that anyone can have confidence in using every day. Enriched with the goodness of super-powered ingredients like goji, jojoba, hibiscus, ylang ylang and green tea, the ranges smells as good as the island life that is so much a treasured part of my existence…”

Stylerunner 2
Exercise and living a natural ‘clean’ life is also really important for Lindy and her family.

“It’s part of our everyday life. We don’t have to think about it as it comes naturally. Of course we splurge on chocolate cake etc, but we feel living a balanced life is important. I am also into green juices, coconut oil for everything from skin, drinking and on my hair. We live in Bali so it is very easy to eat clean and have an active life style. An occasional sunset cocktail doesn’t hurt!”

“Exercise for me is like brushing my teeth. It’s something I’ve always done and that I always will do. It is important for me to keep moving, I feel that this lets out good endorphins and gets me ready for my day ahead.”

So how do we get glowing skin like Lindy’s?

I start off washing my face with my face wash then use my ultra-light moisturiser with bronzer. For night time, I give my face a quick wipe with my beauty wipes which are favourite products.”

Back to Lindy being superwoman…

Yes, Milk is expanding! We are launching into India, Korea and America this year and we are adding an appeal component – called” Kid for Milk”. This will be a lifestyle leisure wear using cashmere and bamboo. We will be launching in winter next year- keep your eyes peeled!”

Written by Lee Sutherland – Director of Fitness In The City, a Sydney based health and fitness gal in the know with extensive nutrition, herbal medicine, health coaching, and personal training experience. Lover of standup paddleboarding, her pup and would never say no to a green smoothie.
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