Zoe is one of those people you naturally gravitate toward. Maybe it is her ability to put everyone she encounters at ease, or because you see her on TV so often, or maybe it is because of her glow, either way, she is definitely someone you need to know.

For the people who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a trained nutritionist and co-host of Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef with Adrian Richardson. I’m also the resident nutritionist on Channel 10, Studio 10 – educating viewers about the latest nutrition information. I have a passion for writing and published my first book, Eat Taste Nourish in 2009. It’s a very practical book that focuses on nutrition and how to create delicious and healthy food in simple ways. I recently joined Fitness First Magazine as the Food Editor and enjoy running cooking classes as well. And I’m balancing all this with being a first-time mummy to a beautiful little girl, Emily

What made you choose the path of leading a healthy life and was there a particular turning point?

Food has always been a joyful part of my life. I struggled a bit in the classroom but I was confident in the kitchen where I could express my creativity. So I followed my passion for food and trained as a chef. Once I finished my training in London, I moved to France where I learnt all about the quality of different produce but it wasn’t until I moved back to Australia and learnt about the science of food that I adopted my whole foods focused lifestyle.

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What does your usual daily routine look like – what is on your ‘must do’ and ‘must take’ list?

I always get up early in the mornings to do some exercise, either a walk, weights, Pilates or yoga. I love eating so it’s important I exercise regularly to maintain my weight but my morning workout is sacred ‘me time’. It’s all about putting yourself first for an hour or so in the morning before life takes over. After I’ve finished exercising, I’ll always have a prebiotic and a vegetable juice. Then my day-to-day routine varies depending on what I’m working on that day. When it comes to meal times though, I always cook using whole foods and my husband and I always sit down to eat at the table. The ceremony of food is really important for me.

Let’s take a peek in your bathroom cupboard – what are your must have products?

I’m a big fan of rose hip oil – it’s bursting with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and balance all skin types. I love Bobbi Brown for make up as well as eye cream, toners and so on.

What do you always have in your kitchen (both fridge and supplements)?

I’ve always got plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for the week ahead. I use a great delivery service called Lettuce Deliver Organics who drop off a big box every week, with organic milk and eggs as well. They keep us stocked up in avocados, which is great as Mike (my husband) and I go through at least one a day! I always have soymilk in the fridge as well, as I add it to my morning smoothies. I’ve always bought Vitasoy Soymilk, as it’s made from Australian grown whole soybeans rather than soy isolate powder.

How important is clean, nutrient rich food in your diet? Do you follow a certain style?

I don’t subscribe to one particular diet – as soon as you put food on a pedestal or let it become the enemy you stop enjoying it. We should approach food with a positive and balanced attitude. I’m a big advocate of eating whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and lean meats, as well as good fats. A nutrient rich lifestyle feels great – I feel healthy and more confident but I also believe it’s important to indulge from time to time. I’m an adult: If I want some chocolate and a glass of wine, I have some.

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How do you like to move and keep fit? Is exercise an important part of your life?

Exercise has always been an important part of my life, as I like to eat a lot! I exercise daily to keep fit and maintain my weight but more importantly, it helps balance me emotionally. As they say, you’re only one work out away from a good mood and I stand by that!

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your health journey?

I love reading food magazines and supplements for different recipe ideas and restaurant critiques but I’m not a huge media watcher generally. I’ve always strived to keep a certain level of sincerity and uniqueness to the work I do, so I don’t want to fall in the trap of subscribing to other’s philosophies. I have my Mum to thank really; she was always passionate about preparing healthy meals. Plus my grandparents owned two pubs and I helped out in the kitchens when I was growing up. The food was always wholesome and nutritious but we had fun with it.

Currently loving:

Being the food editor for Fitness First Magazine, such a great platform for me to feed my knowledge and ideas into.

Being a mother: I have a new found respect for the girl code! I never knew just how much women are capable off until I had my little girl.

Australian macadamia nuts: Simple but delicious.

Fave local cafe or restaurant?

I have a great organic bakery around the corner from me called Organic Republic. The coffee, bread and cakes are absolutely delicious and the owners are socially conscious from the ground up: jumping over the hurdles of staying organic, sustainable and local.

As your parting gift to us – where is your favourite holiday destination?

I think it’s important everyone takes time out to go on holiday and reboot. Last year, I went to Chiva-Som International Health Retreat in Thailand, where I spent two weeks of pure bliss on my own. I came back feeling de-stressed and totally refreshed. The Gwinganna Health Retreat in Queensland is fab as well.

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