Mother’s Day creeps up on us a little too quickly each year, I mean how is it May already? If you are anything like me you promise yourself that next year you be prepared and get your Mum or that special someone in your life something meaningful or at least helpful. But then they just get chocolates….

Well lucky for you, there is still time to get them something a little different. A little nourishing and of course, a tad bit healthy! Here are my faves for this year.

1. I am a tea addict. I have 2 whole shelves in my pantry dedicated to them but I am picky. They must be organic, they have to be a on the medicinal side where each sip is both both healing AND tasty. Little Wildling Co ticks all the boxes. Plus it is made locally with love. It comes in either pouches or gorgous tins

2. You cant go wrong with cookbooks, for something different to sit along side her CWA cookbook collection (or is that just my mum and nanna?!) add a healthy spin with Lola Berry’s latest called The Happy Cookbook. You might actually have a hard time handing this one over as the recipes are all delish, the photography is stunning and if you aren’t motivated to do a yoga back bend by the end of it, something is wrong!! You can get this from all good book stores.

3. While we are on the health band wagon, why not add to her beauty cabinet some nourishing toxic free beauty products? I am loving this one from Antipodes – somehow really light yet jammed packed full of goodness. Plus it is scientifically shown to inhibit oxidative stress in-vitro by up to 90%.

Mothers day gift guide-14. Is your Mum/Sister/Aunty already a fittie? Then she will love these new Fresh Foam Solar Eclipse from New Balance! Whether she needs a gentle push in the right direction to lace up those sneakers or continue to work on that fitness, these new kicks will do the job! Not too lairy in colour but just a spash to make them a bit spesh!

5. Another book to temp the taste buds, a new fave is Let’s Eat: A Cookbook Celebrating Film, Food & Family. Navigating busy lives in film and TV, Margaret and her daughter-in-law Philippa look forward to the weekends when they get together to share stories, eat simple, slightly indulgent but mainly healthy food, and relax with the people they love. With gorgeous photography, family snapshots, stories of movie stars and directors, misadventures and fun times – as well as eighty of Margaret and Pip’s favourite recipes. And your Mum will love it.

6. The final cook book to temp you is by another of my foodie faves Lee Holmes who recently released Eat Clean, Green & Vegetarian which contains 120 delicious and nutritious recipes from veggie-infused drinks and snacks-on-the-go to satisfying meals and tempting desserts. The book also has seasonal guides so you can see what is in season and there’s a section on how to source the best veg at affordable prices and the best cooking methods for them. Order a copy via

7. Buying for a mum to be? I am loving UltraBiotic Pregnancy Care. It is an innovative blend of evidence-based probiotics that supports the health of women during and after pregnancy.

8. Dont want to break the flower buying tradition but hate spending a fortune on a bunch that looks more average than amazing? Then let me introduce you to Little Flowers Sydney where for only $30 you get a gorgeous selection plus it includes delivery. Perfecto! There are similar companies around the country so just google and see what comes up! You are welcome.

And if all else fails, send a card, make a phone call and just say I love you!
Lee x