Today’s health power players are no longer just doctors or dieticians. They are smart businesswoman and men, tradies, bloggers, and health and fitness coaches – the new ‘it’ people on the health scene so to say.

Each fortnight we will talk to a variety of inspiring individuals – from raw foodies, crossfitters, organic city dwellers, paleo peeps, nutritionists, bloggers & overall amazing human beings who actually practice what they preach.

You are going to love today’s Motivational Meet, so before you settle yourself in for a read, go make your self a cuppa (I recommend getting your hands on a blend from Little Wildling Co) and then take in some amazing health nuggets from Nutritionist, Cook book author, Wellness Buyer, COO & Wellness Ambassador for one of my fave stores and cafe about life. This gal has been working in the industry for over 15 years and knows here stuff. So let me introduce you…

Name: Vladia Cobrdova

For the people who aren’t familiar with you (or just want to know more), tell us a bit about yourself?

I have been working at aboutlife for almost 11 years. Like the company, I started from humble beginnings as a juice bar girl. Over the years I have risen through the ranks to now hold one of the most senior positions within the company as Chief Operating Officer, a role which requires me to wear a number of hats. I am also proud to be the wellness ambassador for the brand.

My job is truly my dream job – I use all my passions daily. Running the aboutlife operations uses my business skills and for my creative skills, I develop menus, products and write wholefoods for wellness recipe books. I am applying my knowledge in nutrition on a daily basis, and this is really satisfying.

I am just about to launch my second wholefoods for wellness recipe book and this time it is all about juices, smoothies and elixirs. The book is launching this week and I am excited!

I’ve been living in Sydney for 15 years, and have always lived in the inner west, but I recently moved to Rose Bay with my sister. We’re right on the bay and we’re loving it! Stand up paddle boarding is my new favourite hobby!



What made you choose the path of leading a healthy life and was there a particular turning point?

What drew me to the wellness industry was personal; I wanted to learn more about THE EFFECT FOOD HAS ON MY BODY and where it comes from. From a personal point of view, to improve myself and BE THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF. I’m not vegetarian, I’m not vegan, I’ve tried a few STYLES OF EATING, but I definitely believe everyone is an individual. It is about having a broad perspective of diet; whole foods, clean eating, and locally produced food.

Everybody has their own style that will suit them, that may not suit another person. I believe in a balanced approach and about positive thinking. So yes, I like wine but I will be positive about it rather than feeling negative –  it has loads of antioxidants!

What does your usual daily routine look like, what is on your must do and must take list?

These are my priorities every day:

1. Hydration – I carry bottle of water everywhere plus I have a cup of bone broth every day. Bone broth is a great way to hydrate during winter, excellent for gut health, and is full of minerals and collagen (which helps fight wrinkles).

2. Nourishment – I eat wholefood meals, always including a piece of protein, good fats and loads and loads of veggies.

3.  Movement – I do some activity every day, even if it is just for 10 minutes, consistency is the key.

4. FUN – including fun, laughter and creativity into my daily routine is essential. I like a relaxed approach to life and to stay positive. This is what I strive for daily.

Let’s take a peek in your bathroom cupboard, what are your must have products?

For face – I am a big fan of essential oils, so I always add rosehip or jojoba oil to my moisturizer morning and night.

For Body – I use the coconut scrub and cacao body butter that I developed for aboutlife, they are both made from real ingredients good enough to eat! I also use Eco tan during the winter months as it is a natural self-tanning cream that gives that beautiful sun kissed look.

For hair – I use a new range of shampoos and conditioners called Hair Rituals, these are clean and green. I also use Gaia baby powder as a natural substitute for dry shampoo – it works really well!

Make up – I only use natural products. The skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything that we put on it, straight into the bloodstream. I love Lavera make up liquid foundation, 100% pure mascara, BITE lipstick have an amazing range of colours, and I finish off with Eco mineral bronzing powder.

I don’t use perfumes as they are a cocktail of chemicals that enter the bloodstream through the skin. Instead I dab essential oils onto my wrists and temples – my favourite scent is rose and geranium.

What do you always have in your kitchen?

pear smoothie* recipe below

In my fridge I always have:


Fermented veg

Kombucha – yes can you tell it is all about the gut health!

Punnet of organic spinach



Organic Eggs

Organic grass fed butter


Sustainable mackerel

Organic red meat

Coconut water

Protein Bread




Supplements: I am big on these too!



Vit C


Vit D


How important is clean, nutrient rich food in your diet?

Firstly it is important that I listen to my body. Secondly I make sure that I eat fresh, seasonal, chemical free produce and hormone free meat. I really eat everything! I have coffee with regular milk, I have red meat, nuts, seeds, grains and beans – soaked and well prepared before cooking. I enjoy glass of wine or two. I know my body composition and know that I thrive on clean animal protein with lots of vegetables and good fats, less beans and grains. Really keeping it simple works for me, making sure that I eat the equivalent amount of food for my activity levels. It really is as simple as fuel (food) in and fuel out. If fuel in is greater than energy spent, then we experience weight gain, feelings of sluggishness and lack of motivation.

How do you like to move and keep fit? Is exercise an important part of your sometimes life?

Exercise is very important to me but I used to be very seasonal in my approach. In summer I would spend my days swimming and running and in winter it was hot yoga and skiing. I used to be very sporadic in my exercise routine, I would always go with the attitude it is all or nothing. That was until one day I had a skiing accident where I completely tore my knee ligament and had to have knee replacement surgery. Pretty much straight after the surgery I had to perform exercises daily even if it was just for 10 minutes. I had to become consistent in this. Eight months later and I still exercise every day. This experience has taught me that moving daily really matters, even if it is just doing squats, push-ups, or whatever gets your heart rate up no matter where it is. Consistency gets you the results without spending hours in a gym. Keep moving daily is my motto.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your health journey? These days we’re influenced by so many different sources – from friends, family, blogs, magazines and now even Instagram!!

My first influences were my grandmother and mother, who raised me on wholesome food. I come from the former Czechoslovakia and grew up under a communist regime, so we had no take away shops or fast food. I was lucky in that sense! It was always real food and small portion sizes.

And now? Oh, we are so lucky now to have so many wellness influencers, the more information and education around eating good quality and chemical free produce that’s available, the more everyone starts to make better choices for themselves and their families. I am loving the movement and feel very lucky to be a part of it!

Currently loving:

1. An amazing new skincare cream called SKIN FOOD. It works well all over the body, as well as a hair treatment. It is a blend of coconut oil, hemp oil, beeswax, jojoba oil and rose hip oil – all hand made locally in Bondi.

2.  A cup of aboutlife bone broth every morning. OMG this saves me every day, it’s full of minerals and collagen. I feel hydrated, nourished and my skim is glowing as a result.

3.  Since a trip to the base camp of the Mount Everest I am always on the hunt for good read about the amazingly and powerful mountains that are the Himalayas. The book I am reading at the moment is called Into the Heart of the Himalayas by Jono Lineen. An amazing true story of the first man to walk alone along the length of the Himalayas.

Fave local cafe or restaurant?

I absolutely love going to restaurants that use local and seasonal produce. My favourites at the moment are Nomad and Bar H both in Surry Hills. I also like to enjoy a glass of wine at The Winery in Surry Hills.

As your parting gift to us, what is your favorite recipe?

Recipes from the newest Wholefood For Wellness book zingy pear & matcha

hot matcha drink



1 level tsp of green matcha powder

1 cup warm almond milk

cinnamon powder


Add matcha powder to a latte glass. Top up with warm almond milk and stir well. Sprinkle with desired amount of  cinnamon. This makes 1 latte.


1 medium ripe pear

1 knob ginger, grated

1 tsp vanilla paste

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tbs almond butter

1 tsp raw honey

1 1/2 cups almond milk

3 ice cubes


Blitz all ingredients in a blender until desired consistency is achieved. This recipe makes a 600ml smoothie.

About the book:

Juices, Smoothies, Elixirs and More, is the latest title in the Wholefoods for Wellness recipe book collection by aboutlife Chief Operations Officer and Wellness Ambassador, Vladia Cobrdova. Wholefoods for Wellness volumes are exclusively sold throughout aboutlife stores. Vladia provides insight into the versatility of ingredients and explores the immune boosting, fuel injecting and nutrient dense possibilities of juices, smoothies and more. Featuring a bonus Reboot 5-day cleanse and detox maintenance plan, providing a step-by-step delicious guide towards new-found energy and optimum health. Available in all aboutlife stores for $14.95. For aboutlife store locations, visit

book cover


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