One of the best bits of my job (outside helping people find their health of course) is meeting amazing, inspiring souls like today’s Motivational Meet, Melissa Ambrosini. This gal is an all rounder awesome person who not only helps girls all around the world to master their mean girl (more on that below and also in her new book which you pretty much HAVE to have), but she is also an exceptional person to have in your life!

So let me introduce you to Mel: Author | Speaker | Self-Love Teacher.

For the people who aren’t familiar with you or just want to know more, tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, my name is Melissa Ambrosini, and I’m an author, speaker and self-love teacher. I write, speak, and create online products and programs to help women become wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love. I split my time between Sydney and Noosa, which makes my heart very happy. I’m also an avid cook, a yoga devotee, and a total nature girl. On top of all that, I’m currently in the middle of launching my new book, Mastering Your Mean Girl, which is absolutely the most fun ever!


What made you choose the path of leading a healthy life and was there a particular turning point?

There sure was. As I share in my book, a few years ago I hit total rock bottom – I ended up in hospital with a whole host of health issues, convinced that I’d never be well again. That was my turning point, and the moment I decided to radically turn my health and life around.

What does your usual daily routine look like, what is on your ‘must do’ and ‘must take’ list?

No two days are the same, which is fun, but there are a few non-negotiables that I do every single day such as…

  • Meditation for 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon.
  • Movement first thing in the morning – usually yoga or barre.
  • Body brushing before my morning shower to wake up my cells.
  • Nourishing, organic food all day long.
  • Loads of clean, filtered drinking water.
  • Practice gratitude both morning and night.
  • Time in nature. Sometimes I will eat my lunch in the sun or go for a walk in the afternoon, because Mother Nature ROCKS!

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Let’s take a peek in your bathroom cupboard – what are your must have products?

  • Organic coconut oil – for everything, really.
  • Tea tree oil for spots.
  • Dr Bronner’s soap.

What do you always have in your kitchen?

In my fridge I always have bone broth and cultured vegetables. I never take the same supplements, as I believe you need to mix it up and not take the same things all the time. I also believe that if you’re eating well you should be getting all your nutrients from your food. However if you can’t, getting some tests done with a good naturopath to see where you’re at is the best place to start, not simply walking into the health food store and just taking anything. You need to be informed about what is going to support you and your body.

How important is clean, nutrient rich food in your diet?

Nourishing my temple is such an important part of my life and has actually become one of my greatest pleasures. I guess you could say I am a ‘qualitarian’ I eat fresh, real, local, good quality foods that will nourish and support my body.

How do you like to move and keep fit? Is exercise an important part of your life?

It sure is – however, gone are the days where I would flog my body for hours at the gym out of hatred for the size of my butt. I now do slow, mindful movement because I love the way it makes me feel. I go for hikes, do yoga, and loving slipping in a cheeky barre or pilates class a couple of times a week. All these things get my body pumping in a beautiful way and make me feel really (freaking) good inside and out.

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Who or what has been the biggest influence on your health journey? These days we’re influenced by so many different sources – from friends, family, blogs, magazines and now even social media.

Jess Ainscough and my husband.

Currently loving:

  • I am currently obsessed with my husband’s track, Little Lover (* watch the video here – LOVE it!)
  • Coconut milk matcha lattes.
  • Megaformer classes. Holy ouch!

Fave local cafe or restaurant?

In Sydney, I love Henley’s Wholefoods for lunch and Bei Amici for dinner.

As your parting gift to us, share a little favourite something something…

I recently went to Aro Ha – a stunning wellness retreat in Queenstown, and was absolutely blown away. Total magic on all levels, and by far one of the best experiences of my life. Do yourself a favor and go!