Today’s Motivational Meet needs little introduction…. as one of Australia’s most loved media personality thanks to her natural beauty and her down to earth enthusiasm for life, Rachael Finch is a celeb that is actually worth looking too.

An advocate for leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Rachael is the poster girl for a wholesome and holistic lifestyle, making her a popular brand ambassador in the fashion, health and fitness spaces. The new mum has also introduced me to Impressed Juices which contains 100% Aussie-grown fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs which are carefully cold pressed and bottled locally. They also don’t cost an arm and a leg (rare I know!!).

Want to know her health secrets? Then read on!

For the people who aren’t familiar with you (or just want to know more), tell us a bit about yourself?

I come from sunny Townsville in far north Queensland where I rode bikes and water skied most weekends. I moved to Sydney when I was 20 and love it! One of my favourite experiences to date was competing for Australia in the Miss Universe competition in the Bahamas in 2009 and since then I’ve been working as a presenter on Channel 7. I have a 2 year old girl who is my world and you could say I’m a person who makes the most of every second I’m on this earth.

I am loving Impressed Juices, not only do they taste amazing, but they have a really long shelf (fridge) life and are at a super affordable price point! Tell us a bit about the process…

So glad you like the juices! It’s been a very exciting journey for myself and the Impressed team, it’s a great feeling seeing the final product on the shelves at Woolies.

Impressed Juices are a new range of cold pressed juices made from 100% fresh Australian grown vegetables, fruits and herbs and are never heat treated. Cold pressing is an age-old method of slowly extracting juice, which involves fresh produce being ground up and gently squeezed to release the raw nectar, retaining the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can be lost during conventional juice extraction.

Our juices are never heat treated. To make the juices safe to drink and provide shelf life we high pressure test each bottle which involves dropping them in cold water and applying high pressure. This destroys bacteria without affecting the quality of the product.

RAchel Finch

What made you choose the path of leading a healthy life and was there a particular turning point?

I left Townsville at 17 and travelled around the world working as a model. I quickly learnt how to take care of myself and cook nutritious food. Because it’s such an image-focused job modelling made me more conscious of what I was putting in to my body and how food made me feel. I have spent a lot of time figuring out what is best for my body from diet to lifestyle factors. I love getting out of bed feeling amazing so I’m constantly on a mission to include those things in my life!

What does your usual daily routine look like – what is on your ‘must do’ and ‘must take’ list?

No two days are the same for me with work so my regime changes daily which I love. In saying that, there are things I love to do every day that would be on the ‘must do’ list. They include having 1 cold pressed juice, exercising or doing something physical for 60 minutes, eating vegetables at every meal, getting at least 7-8hrs sleep, spending time outside with no shoes on, stretching and spending quality play time with Violet. Some days require a little more prep than others to achieve this, but it’s an awesome feeling if I can tick them all off.

RF fruit

Let’s take a peek in your bathroom cupboard¬† – what are your must have products?

I have a good mix of skin and beauty products and my husband has a growing hair gel collection. In the cooler months I focus on maintaining the skins’ hydration so I use a lot of coconut oil and rich body creams when I get out of the shower. I’m also loving goat’s milk cream at the moment. When it comes to makeup I use a lot of Colour Theory products and I like keeping a good stock of cleansers, exfoliators and moisturisers on the shelves.

What do you always have in your kitchen?

If you open my fridge you will always find bottles of Impressed Juices, fresh fruit, veges, chicken breast, yoghurt, sparkling water, polish gherkins, olives, and usually some left over from dinner the night before.

How important is clean, nutrient rich food in your diet?

You said it – clean, nutrient rich. That’s what I’m about. Diets and strict eating has never worked well for me as I ended up binging on the items I was restricting. Eating healthy is both a physical and mental shift. As I get older I focus more on the quality of an ingredient and what effect it will have on my body. When I get up in the morning I think about how my body feels and try to eat accordingly.

How do you like to move and keep fit? Is exercise an important part of your life?

Like food, I aim to incorporate exercise into my day based on how I feel. On Monday I usually feel like smashing out a high intensity cardio session because I’ve spent Saturday and Sunday resting. Tuesday may start with a power walk with Violet in the pram followed by a pilates session. I love mixing up my training so that I’m working different muscle groups and never getting bored. Variety is key. My husband and I still dance together on a Friday night which is my favourite type of workout.

RF working out

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your health journey?

My health influences come from a variety of places. My brother is very health conscious and we are always talking about new and exciting things in the health world. When he is in Sydney we always train together. There are people online that I love following that give me ideas and inspiration for food and fitness including Jessica Sepel, Emily Skye and Sarah Wilson. I love the stories of these women and where they came from. I also love picking up copies of health mags like Women’s Health and Mind Body to read before bed, it’s nice being able to physically turn pages!

Currently loving:

1. The new apple watch – I love going running with it.

2. Barley grass. Have been drinking it the last month and I feel amazing.

3. Clay beaded chandeliers. We just moved into a new house and I have become Mrs Interior.

Fave local cafe or restaurant?

About Life cafe.

As your parting gift to us, what is your favourite secret weapon health tip?

My massage therapist Amanda Foulkes who lives in Byron Bay. She has the hands of an angel and can fix anything!


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