So I am sure you have heard by now, because yes… I have told the world numerous times over for sympathetic support, but just incase you haven’t let me share the news; I recently got all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. Now I know this isn’t a serious operation, nor is it a major health concern by any means, actually the only major thing about the whole ordeal was it being a serious inconvenience to my plans!

You see I vastly underestimated the whole thing. In my head (yes where the thoughts of endless summers, raw cheesecakes and rainbows live), I was convinced it would go down quite differently from what actually happened.

My schedule (the one in my head) went something like this:

Wednesday: get wisdom teeth out at hospital, leave with a few painkillers and watch lame movies for the rest of the day.

Thursday: with two days off ahead of me the options are endless!! Catch up on domestic goddess duties, maybe a massage after trying a Xtend Barre class, go to the cinemas, catch up on emails, train for Nike She Runs

Friday: repeat of Thursday.

Now this is what actually happened…

Wednesday: after fasting all day, I woke up post operation and couldn’t feel my face. Mouth full of blood (gross) and in a bunch of pain. Why did I sign up for this again?! No painkillers supplied (wtf?) and sent home with a bottle of mouthwash. Arrive home, starving but cant eat because face is still made of dough. And my mouth is gross. Nothing good to watch on Foxtel. Lots of ice packs, salt gargles and an over the counter painkiller which never hits the spot.

Thursday: repeat of Wednesday but more swollen and sore. Cant talk, cant concentrate. No fun outings for me expect to the fridge to get a glorious Lucky You Juice. Actually that is a lie, Shaun was at my beck and call and bought all icepacks and juices to my new home on the couch.


And so on for another 3 days.

I did absolutely everything in my power to hurry up the healing process because to be honest, I NEVER have time off and I kind of wanted to make the most of it.

I gargled pink Himalayan sea salt religiously. I took healing herbs and had shots of olive leaf extract like it was going out of fashion to fight infection and help my sore throat. I had an ice pack glutted to my face at all times.

I was restless and uncomfortable is just being. In waiting.

Ah of course, a sneaky lesson amongst my pain for my over achiever ego who didn’t want to slow down.

Have you experienced this too?

Often when all you want to do is run a million miles an hour but in reality you are stuck in ‘waiting’ is the time when you actually need it the most. You actually need to chill the f**k out.

For me, as the days past (as did the countless lame movies) I began to feel my heart rate slow, I started to feel my chest relax, I slept when I needed to, and I nourished my body solely with LYC juices (seriously the best idea in the world as I couldn’t chew!!) I began to accept the stillness that was forced upon me. It was exactly what I needed to do to rest my exhausted body and adrenals – the fact that I was also recovering from an operation was just a bonus (ok maybe not a bonus but it did facilitate my must needed rest!).

lucky you cleanse

So is there a lesson out of this?

The lesson is don’t wait for something drastic to happen to you. Listen to your body.

If your body is screaming for stillness why keep pushing it? Maybe you are getting a cold over and over, maybe you cant get to sleep an night when all you want to do is stay in bed, maybe you are feeling depressed or over stimulated with ideas but cant seem to settle on one?

Then take a moment just for you, and rest.

Your family will thank you for it once you are more present, your work will be happy because you are more effective, and your soul with shine because you actually listened to it.

Rest can come in many forms from a ‘sick day’ to lay on the couch, a weekend away, a health retreat, a trip to your herbalist to get a tonic, a massage, mediation, a coffee with a girl friend – anything. Just listen to what your body is asking you for.

Now I did initially call this post ‘what to do when getting wisdom teeth out’ so I am going to share with you my top tip in just two words for you. Juice Cleanse.

I did a 3 day Lucky You Cleanse and every time I drank in its deliciousness I have to admit I praised myself because it was the greatest idea in the world because I couldn’t actually chew and this solved that problem oh so well!!!

It was my saving grace and I highly recommend you doing the same if you too are getting teeth out or just need a helping hand to get your shine back.

The amazing people from LYC delivered your juices to your door step (I got mine on Wednesday evening so I was ready to begin on Thursday post operation) and there are six to consume everyday, all tasting seriously amazing and never leaving you hungry.

They are organic, cold pressed, live in a glass bottle (instantly cooler right?!).

What better way to nourish my body when it was under stress and to also assist in ridding it of any toxins from the hospital?!

The only negative to the experience was that I didn’t do a 5 day cleanse.

Check them out and give your digestion a holiday


Lee x