I’m an all or nothing type of gal.

When I am good I am very good, but when I’m bad, well.. its not pretty.
I have never really found that middle ground between the two..but I don’t necessary think it is a negative anymore. So i am using this ‘unique’ personality trait to my advantage and swinging the ‘all’ towards the health side once again.

Let me explain, I still get cravings with the best of them and when I want some sugar god help you if you get in the way. And sometimes, just sometimes.. after too many early starts and late nights the thought of bounding out of bed to workout before my first client is a little too much and I (gasp) let it slide.

You see I have been sick (and slack) for a few weeks and indulging a wee bit more than my 80/20 paleo diet allows (and feeling ridiculous shit for it let me tell you!) so that’s why I am embarking on my latest venture: transformation ME.

First up on the cards is to target my low immunity and sugar cravings head on with a bucket load of cinnamon and chromium tablets. Oh and a 3 day juice cleanse via Urban Remedy to really drive it home! I have heard great things about this company and the fact that they deliver to my door at a reasonable prize is just too good to say no to.

As a seasoned detoxer I have selected the level 3 cleanse which doesn’t include fruit (as I said, all or nothing). There are 6 juices a day and you are told to drink double that in h20 and herbal teas.

So starting tomorrow I am swapping coffee for green juice to prepare my body for  my second phase of code ME… a 12 week hard as hell core body shaping transformation program. There will be sweat, tears and god awful DOMs, but as a trainer I know how important it is to step up your training game and really push yourself. I expect my clients to train hard so I guess this is as much for them as it is for me.

Want to try your own green juice? Try the below recipe via Urban Remedy and Supercharged foods (more info here):

• Spinach
• Cucumber
• Cos lettuce
• Celery
• Parsley
• Mint
• Lemon
• Ginger


• Enhance digestion
• Reduce inflammation
• Brighten your skin
• Improve energy levels
• Support detoxification
• Alkalise the body

Wish me luck and I’ll report on the juice cleanse at the end of the week!