A few people have asked what I’ve done post birth to get back in shape and to aid healing of the bod.

Sorry to disappoint but there’s no quick fix. My list is short, concise and no, I won’t be posting any ‘post baby body’ comparison photos any time soon. Not because I am ashamed. In fact I’ve never respected my body more for what it created and achieved. And not because I’m unhappy with how my body looks, because truthfully, I’ve never cared less for my (lack of)) six pack abs as I do right now.

Despite knowing better women compare, put pressure on themselves and then make silly choices – like jumping back into (uneducated) training too quickly post birth thanks to post baby body pics (here is looking at you celebrities).

Why is this bad? Well apart from bitch slapping self-esteem in the face… incorrect training will not only damage and worsen pelvic floor and muscles; it can also result in things like a prolapsed or further separation of the abs. Not ideal. Not to mention associated bladder problems…

Me? I was reallllly surprised with how amazing I felt post birth. It may have come down to the fact that I had a really tough 9 month pregnancy so anything compared to that was going to feel good… It also took all of my willpower not to lace up my sneakers as soon as I got home from the hospital and work up a sweat. I was energized (combo of endorphins and sleep –  yes I’m lucky so far as I baby that sleeps at night), the body felt ready to go and I wanted to get fresh air and feel strong again.

But alas, slow and steady wins the recovery race here.

I started at week 4-5 with a super gentle mat Pilate classes with highly qualified trainers (doing absolutely no ab work). I got the body back into alignment with some chiro sessions (for bub too), I saw a women specific physio to see where my body was at (pelvic floor included) to indicated what specific exercises I needed to do to strengthen everything.

Along with walking, this is all I am going to do for the first 6-12 weeks so I can rebuild the body from the inside out and I’m excited to see what happens. I am also living in my SRC sexy recovery shorts.

When I was first told to dive into a pair post birth I was sceptical. I actually thought people were talking about those corset thing people like the Kardashians wear… BUT after my health friends, then my Chiro and then my Women’s Health specific Physiotherapist also advise that hell, yes, you need these in your life (for the first 6 weeks) post birth, well I listened. And purchased. I actually have 2 pairs, which may seem like over kill but whatevs. Bring on the healing!!

Why should you be interested too? In a nutshell they:

  • Reduces pain and increases back/pelvic support
  • Speed up your recovery
  • Regain your pre-baby body shape faster
  • Anatomical panels provide consistent gentle medical grade compression to C-section or perineal wound areas
  • Increase mobility and pelvic muscles function
  • Specialised fabric construction technology

Men – no need to stop reading because these babies can help speed up your recovery too post fitness or operations.

Another tick of concrete approval is that many private health care provides will actually give you a rebate on SRC products as they are not only registered under the Therapeutic act but they are considered a medical compression garment that facilitate muscle healing and recover faster.

Want more research? Read here my wary friend.

Little Black Book  If you live in Sydney I recommend the following places for your expert post baby advice:

  • Women In Focus Physio I see Sarah and they also have post natal Pilates sessions
  • Health Space (Potts Point) towards the end of my pregnancy I was a regular visitor of this amazing clinic. I had acupuncture, chiropractic and kinesiology sessions. Also all needed post bub to get the alignment back.
  • Fluid Form Pilates – the teachers are all amazing and very educated around postnatal movements

Would love your tips of favorite clinics around Australia – give some shout outs below in the comment so I can check them out!

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