Let me just preface this post by saying I am the ultimate career procrastinator. Which seems a little odd considering I have 2 businesses, a day job, study, I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant, a new wife, a fur dog mama AND still manage to get it all done while being terribly fabulous if I must say… but that’s not the point. The point is, I am pretty amazing at putting things off while achieving a lot of non-relating tasks in between starting/finishing the real task at hand.

So let me help you get your surroundings oh so right before you get down to business. All in due time of course…

The ultimate healthies ‘procrastination tool kit’ checklist to help prepare you for the perfect work/study environment:


  1. Clean your house/desk and what ever is in a 10m radius from where you are working, (2.) I love Eco Store products. For me at the moment, it isn’t in my gorgeous study aka current Little Wildling Co warehouse (boxes at every turn)… So the dining table is my new working haven – which is in eyeshot to the kitchen and lounge room. Dishes need to be done; sneakers (all 20 of them) have to go back upstairs and magazines/books put away. So pretty much clean everything. Clean house, uncluttered mind. Check.
  2. To really help delay the real task at hand, why not pop to the shops or markets to buy a new candle (1) and bunch of flowers (5. peonies of course)? How can you be expected to work without a delicious smelling house and pretty desk? Exactly.
  3. You will need study/work snacks. Before you source them ensure they are Instagram friendly (because you will want to document your hard work, um, prior to the hard work). Also get something you have to actually make. Sort of. I prefer to have most of the hard work done for me when I have limited time but still want to procrastinate, because after all, you do actually start the task sooner or later. I am loving Fit Mixes protein balls (3.) for this fact because all you have to do is add the wet ingredients and you still have the fun of rolling them up!
  4. You will need to be hydrated. Of course the more you drink means more toilet breaks (hello sweet procrastination!), but lets be smart here, again you need to make sure the table is as stylish as possible (see above re Insta moment) so lets not ruin it now with any plain jug of water. Luckily for us, I have possibly found THE most perfect item, which suits all agendas – BRITA Fill & Serve carafe (6). Hydration? Obviously. Stylish? Absolutely. It also is a super clever alternative to a water bottle (hello cost savings, you cheeky devil) and more importantly, its new filtered disk technology in the carafe has a built in activated carbon filter that guarantees fresh water every time.  Multi-tasking at its best!
  5. Noise. Sometimes I need a little music to tune out the world and other occasions I need to block out surrounding noises. Whatever way you roll, a good pair of headphones is needed. I’m loving my new over ear Soul Electronics (4). matte black (can you say sleek!) Combat+, which is both, sweat resistant (these are my workout pair too) and also super comfy for the hours of wear.

And there we go my friend; you now have a clean house, fresh blooms, scented candles, healthy snacks and filtered water to perfection. You have instagrammed your intention and now it’s time to get down to it. We can’t procrastinate anymore, it’s go time!!!

What have I missed? What’s in your ultimate ‘procrastinating tool kit’?

Lee x