6 Weeks to Sexy – Blake’s Philosophy on Working in 6 week Intervals and 4 ways to detox your life

BY: Blake Worrall-Thompson, Celebrity Trainer – www.wellbeingbyblake.com

There’s a lot of science around when it comes to training, and in many ways we do know what’s right and what’s wrong—but, if we’re going to be honest, there is also a lot of uncertainty when it comes to many issues; sometimes there’s ONE correct answer, and sometimes there’s not. One of the good things about the industry is that a lot of people have different approaches that all work.

Personally, I’m BIG on recovery (especially in my Sydney program, because I feel the stress levels here are much worse than in Adelaide, where our other program is). When it comes to working out, I do appreciate the benefits of the “go hard, go home” approach, and there are parts of that approach that are correct—but, when it comes to recovery, you also need to listen to your body. One of the things I’ve noticed in my 11 years of training is that people underestimate the importance of recovery, and because of that their health and body don’t reach what they are capable of. I’ve found that if you’re working at the highest intensity, 6 weeks is a great period of time to “go hard” for before pulling back, having a light week, freshening up, and going again. A large percentage of people are overtraining, which jeopardises their health, strength, and body composition.

4 Ways to Detox Your Life

1) Nutritionyou are what you eat. Feed your body with poor-quality food and your body becomes a garbage site. You deserve better than that. You’re not cheap or fake so don’t feed your body cheap, fake food.

2) Surroundings: I’ll be honest, I’m a LONG way off from having OCD, but I do constantly find myself tidying up my workplace, my room, and my car, because I’ve realized how important surroundings are when it comes to mental health and peace of mind. You need your space to be clean and ‘light’ to create the best environment for you and your ability to think clearly. Cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered mind.

3) Circle of influence: I think I preach this more than ANYTHING else I talk about. You ARE what and who you surround yourself with! I love NOTHING more than socialising and meeting new people, but when it comes to who I spend the most time with I’m very cautious and pay close attention to the type of energy people bring into my life. Of course you don’t need to be rude to anyone or tell them they’ve got bad energy, you just distance yourself from them—leaving space for those who actually enhance your life.

4) Lotions, potions, and powders: What you put on your skin gets into your body and bloodstream VERY quickly, so—just as you would for your food—take time to read the ingredient lists of your lotions, potions, and powders. Many of the chemicals you put on your skin can have just as much of an effect on you as the things that you eat. Personally I think the most impressive beauty comes from the natural look, anyway, so you don’t need to use much!

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