Whether you’re injured, unable to exercise or wanting to unwind due to a long week, an infrared sauna may be just the thing for you! Ben Lucas owner of Sydney’s newly opened sanctuary of stillness Flow Revive shares his reasons on why it’s so beneficial.

Skin Purification/ Detoxification
When you enter an infrared sauna, what do you start to do? Sweat! By sweating you automatically begin to eliminate the toxins your body may have taken in over the past few days/week. Whether it’s that alcohol you drank from the weekend soiree, processed foods you may have consumed or even the chemicals from the deodorant you may have sprayed on your body. You will sweat out all of these toxins and purify your skin by hopping in an infrared sauna.

Weight Loss
It sounds to good to be true that an infared sauna may help aid weight loss. Yet, research has shown that the excessive amounts of sweating caused by the high heat inside the sauna results in your body losing a substantial amount of fluid. It basically helps you to burn calories while you relax in total comfort. When your body temperature rises so does your heart rate, it’s as though you are having a mini cardio session whilst sitting down.

Pain Relief
Remember the days of applying a heat pack to muscle cramps? By applying heat to sore muscles, the heat will loosen up the cramps and ease the pain. If you have had a long day sitting down in the office or a hard session at the gym this will help loosen those tight muscles.

Improved Circulation
As above, heat increases your heart rate which means your circulation will speed up too. By using an infrared sauna your blood flow will be better than ever. This is because when your body temperature rises it increases the blood flow reflecting the benefits of a cardio workout. Circulation is vital for maintaining the health and proper functioning of your body and this amazing technology does exactly that through heat.

All the stressors you have placed on your mind, body and soul during a hard day of work or a long weekend will be relieved. This is due to a balance of the stress hormone called cortisol when you go into an infrared sauna. This deep therapeutic experience will warm and relax your muscles so you can totally relax.

About Ben Lucas
Ben was a professional NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks prior to getting into the fitness industry. After finishing his stint with the NRL, he fell into Ultra Endurance running and of course personal training, owning 3 x successful PT studios before selling them off to make room for Flow Athletic.