From winning world surfing championships (she is currently ranked World #2) to training and practically living in swimwear all her life… Sally Fitzgibbons knows a thing or two about staying in shape!

So when we heard she was releasing her new All Australian Beach Body, which focuses around the principles of Fit, Lean and Strong to unlock your health and happiness potential, and with workouts suited for all fitness levels to do anywhere around the world… well we know we had to chat to her to find out more!!

Her healthy lifestyle and fitness habits have been of interest to women all over the world which is why her move into the fitness/ training world is a great next step for the young entrepreneur and athlete.

This all round inspiring gal shares her top tips to building the all Australian beach body!!

1.     Find a style of training that you love

As well as finding the time, you need to find a style of training that you really enjoy so you it keeps you motivated and coming back. I love starting my day with a sunrise run – for me, it’s the best head start and it really sets my momentum for the day. But we’re all different and it’s important to find the thing that works for you. Training should be exciting and fun, not a chore.

2.     Train consistently

To get great results, you need to train consistently. Try get in at least three sessions a week, the repetitive motion is what improves your strength and allows you to progress to the next level. My advice would be to know your goals, and always have them in mind. Determination can be a really good motivator if you feel like you’re not up for a workout or straying from your diet. Write down what you’re aiming to achieve and always have a mental image of it in your mind.

3.     Get in touch with nature

Nature is what grounds me and I love taking my training outside whenever I can – I’ll do a short circuit session at the park or the beach. It doesn’t have to be all high intensity though, I think it’s also really important to spend time relaxing in nature – walks along the beach, swims in the ocean, bush walks – it’s really grounding.

4.     Eat Rainbow!

I like to keep things simple with my diet and stick to fruit, vegies and quality protein.  We all have different tastes and you know what your body needs to function at its optimum capacity, just ask yourself a simple question when you ordering or buying food, “is this good nutrition for my body?” I love filling my plate with as many different fruits and vegetables as possible. Dreaming up new combinations of foods, flavours and textures keeps it interesting.


5.     Read the label

Wherever possible, check the back of the packet and avoid foods with any ingredients you can’t pronounce. My favourite snack is Blue Dinosaur Bars – they have only 5 ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Want to train with Sally?! See below for details or here to check out her program


Date: Saturday August 12, 2017

CITYFIT Expo,  International Convention Centre in Sydney

Check in at 9am for a 10am start

Book tickets here:


Need more reason to get her program?

The AABB app also feeds into Sally’s larger objective of combating childhood obesity, a bigger killer than smoking and one of Australia’s most pressing crises. When people train through AABB, they earn free Dream Dollars, which are converted to donating a skipping rope for disadvantaged children.

See, inspiring gal!!