Let’s be honest, our schedules are getting fuller by the day. We’re talking work, family, friends and then all the dreaming and planning in between. You know, life!

It can be easy to get carried away during this time thinking we need a whole lotta STUFF to help get stuff done, especially when it comes to working out. But my friend, I’m here to tell you that that’s simply not the case.

In fact, you can even cancel that gym membership you hardly use and bring all that motivation in house (as in you don’t actually have to leave the house) to train.

First we start with these bad boys: Plantronics BackBeat FIT 300 series wireless sport earbuds.

Sure it may have been lust at first sight (I’m a sucker for this colour but they come in others as well) but its well and truly turned into appreciative love across the last 6 months since I got the.

They’ve taken me through intense workouts (thank the lord for their sweatproof coating to protect them!) to maybe chilled yoga guided sessions and podcast chillin in between.

The fact they are wireless means I don’t get as distracted during a workout and more importantly when I’m doing a session at home using an app as I HATE having to be plugged into my phone so my hands aren’t free.

You can move freely.

They’re light weight.

They provide visibility at night as they have reflective sport wear cable.

And they have 6 hours worth of power.

Yep, I’m a fan!!

These are the ones I have but they have a bunch of others too https://www.plantronics.com/au/en/product/backbeat-fit-300


Again, this has been my lifesaver. Having a basic gym set up in the comfort of my own home saves me travel time to the gym and means I can workout on my own terms and schedule.

I was lucky enough to come across http://elitefitness.com.au/ which has EVERYTHING you could ever need but reel it in girlfriend as this is about being efficient and smart with your shopping (and time!!).

That being said they have everything from bands, to boxing, to kettlebells, medicine balls dumbells   matts, foam rollers to (and this is what we have) the Inspire SCS Power Cage (like a big smith cage) with a barbell and Olympic weight set which the hubby and I both use. I’ve then got some bands set up with it too to cover all bases!

If you don’t want to go that big you could set your self up nicely with a couple of kettlebells, resistant bands http://elitefitness.com.au/accessories/bands-straps.html for booty work and you’re good to go!

Side note, I also love that the kiddies can see me exercise so they get what it’s all about!!


Now these guys will replace your gym membership and there are SO many out there for you to try so boredom should never be an issue!!

One of my go-to apps is the Nike Training Club. The benefits are well established, with over 180 free workouts available – from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga featuring the expertise of world-class Nike Master Trainers and elite Nike athletes.

The best bit? The Nike Training Club (NTC) app is now available for free download globally on the Apple Watch so if you have one, you don’t have to continually check your phone in the middle of a session – the workout will start on the phone, with the Apple Watch allowing for easy time check of reps remaining on a drill. It also delivers haptic prompts, which signal the beginning of the next drill and run until the workout is complete.

Here’s how it helps you:

  • Focus more on your workout and less on your phone
  • Monitor your heart rate, approximate calories and other exercise statistics right from your wrist
  • Achieve your exercise goals via weekly notifications encouraging you to close your Exercise ring


Seriously, just google whatever workout you want from yoga, meditation, strength and you will find an online program or an app so you can do at home. #winning

I also love:

Daily Yoga



The other app I use all the time is a basic tabata timer which you use for your 20 seconds on, 10 second rest x 8 workouts. Brutal but worth it!!



So there you go, wireless headphones, workout apps and home gym of weights, skipping rope and mat – sure it still gets the minimal living tick of approval right?!