Boxing, have you tired it yet? It’s a trend we’re seeing more and more of and for good reason too.

Here are 5 to get you motivated from couch to the ring:

1.Get real (long-term) results – The best way to get results and maintain them long-term is through consistency, and boxing is one of the most consistent forms of fitness, once you learn the foundations, you can continue to increase the intensity of your workouts and movements. As a skill, boxing offers a lifelong progression, which means you won’t get bored, you’ll continually be challenging yourself and you’ll never plateau. Also, it’s an enjoyable workout, and we’re always more likely to continue doing something if we love it.

2. Reduced Stress and Mood Swings – It is so easy to reach a place of burnout where you try to do too much to keep up with everyday life that you often forego much needed time for yourself to reboot and unwind, which can often lead to feelings of stress and have massive impacts on your daily mood. Although boxing is a high intensity sport and form of fitness, because you have the cathartic release from bagwork and padwork, and the feeling of being “in the zone”, it gives your brain the opportunity to be present, in the moment and focused – this state of consciousness can actually be quite similar to a feeling of zen. Boxing a few times a week gives you that much needed “me time” which will help to manage stress and reduce stress-causing hormones related to mood swings.

3. Do Something Different and Meet New People – The kind of person who is drawn to boxing is often driven by the desire to fight for a purpose, and has the kind of commitment to master a skill that only few have ever been “great” at. Boxers are often very humble, down-to-earth, respectful people and the coaches who have been in the game for a while will have some incredibly stories to share. When you begin to box for the first time, and meet genuine fighters, you’ll feel inspired and fuelled for life.

4. Increase your balance and core-strength – One of the most important physical requirements of a boxer is a strong core – each time you throw a punch or evade a strike, your body relies on your obliques to twist and place force and speed behind your movement. Balance is also absolutely key in a fight, you need to maintain a strong stance to keep on your feet and not get knocked down, which can be really difficult when you’re swinging your fists in multiple directions. In boxing, the training incorporates intelligently programmed core exercises to work every part of your abs and obliques through a variety of movements, and single-sided or dynamic movements to improve your balance, which also strengthens your body proportionally.

5. It’s great if you’re time-poor – Boxing, and the strength and conditioning involved are so physically demanding that you don’t need to be training for hours to get in a good workout. Boxing providers like 12RND Fitness offer boxing and strength workouts that you can start at anytime morning or afternoon, and be done in under 45 minutes. They offer a no fixed class time structure where you are never late for you workout, and you get performance coach guidance to help you learn how to box like a pro without ever having to get hit.

Want to try a class?

12RND Fitness is the fastest growing boxing and strength training provider with over 60 operating locations opening since 2016.

The Managing Director of 12RND is Tim West, who has been involved in a number of successful fitness businesses, whether it be launching or investing into their growth and development.

Tim began 12RND Fitness after identifying a gap in the market for a form of fitness that was sports-oriented, which allowed members to work in a group-fitness setting and focus on skill-development for motivation, where the physical transformations were a secondary benefit. Once the concept was clearly defined by its boxing point of difference, Danny Green, four-time world boxing champion and professional acquaintance of Tim’s, quickly got involved to promote the brand on a national platform.

Workouts replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout: with 12 x 3-minute rounds and 30 seconds rest in between. Each workout includes both boxing and the strength training required to condition athletes to their peak ‘fighting shape’.

Workouts last for just under 45 minutes with a new round starting every 3 minutes, meaning arrival times are flexible and work to your schedule.

Who’s game?