Apart from amazing beaches, Skippy and BBQ’s… Australia is also known for its great athletes and sportsmanship; we have access to quality fitness faculties, education, clean water and healthy soils to grow produce, even fast food chains have introduced ‘healthy’ (or healthier) options to their menus – so why is obesity still on the rise?

While there isn’t a straight black and white answer to this question (because you have to take into account individual health, family history, emotional and mental state, diet and of course exercise) we can all agree that starting with daily movement – whether that is 15 minutes or an hour – can be the start of the solution.

On 29th September 2013 Lorna Jane will celebrate the brand’s second Active Nation Day, a national campaign promoting the importance of exercise and our nation’s health, in the face of rising obesity levels.

Active Nation Day was born in response to research conducted in 2012 by Lorna Jane and Roy Morgan, which revealed a startling disconnect between our country’s attitude and actual behaviour towards leading a healthy lifestyle. While 63% of Australians expressed a desire to lose weight, an astonishing 53% did no formal exercise in an average three-month period. This trend has continued in 2013.

This is one of the many reasons why I am in love with Lorna Jane and their philosophies – if you haven’t checked out the website www.movenourishbelieve.com do it now as they have a stream of motivational pictures, recipes, interviews with Sporty Sisters and of course share their latest range to pimp out your fitness wardrobe.

How you can join the Active National Day movement:

  • Download the free Lorna Jane iPhone App from www.nowmoveit.com and track your daily movement!

Lorna Jane app

  • Attend a free event near you, check out here for a list
  • Get together with some friends on 29th September – Active National Day – and MOVE!! Go for a power walk or run, hit the beach or pool and do some laps, try a yoga class or make your own bootcamp session for the day.
  • Share the love!! Fuel your social media addiction (or is that just me…) and share your movements on the day  #activenationday #nowmoveit

Don’t forget to encourage those around you to do the same.

Lee x

Image credit movenourishbelieve.com