I love running. Always have. I have memories as a young girl in primary school running cross country all through the bush around our farm in WA, just because. Why walk when you could lace up your sneakers and run? That being said I am pretty sure they were just white walking shoes that Mum owned but that is another story all together!

I remember it, feeling free, the wind in my face and just to being.

Well, as I have gotten older, busier and a little more injury prone… I have let that passion slip – but – I am so keen to revisit my younger years and bring it on back!

I want to feel that freedom again and have the ability to get lost weaving along any path I choose. Whats holding you back from doing the same? Lack of fitness? That can be fixed. Fear? That can be conquered. Dodgy knees? Lets not forget that running is a functional movement. We should all be able to do it and pain free too, it just comes down to education, and this is where Lululemon Run Collective Series free talks comes in. Perfect for first timers, or those preparing for a race such a City 2 Surf or something a little more endurance based.

RUNNING YOUR BEST RACE (Bondi Store, 7pm Wednesday 17th June 2015)

Veronika Larisova, Personal trainer @ AGOGA, BondiĀ  agoga.com.au

  • Running technique basics to get you running efficiently and remaining injury free
  • Warm up and cool down, the theory, how to structure and basic techniques and drills to get your body prepared
  • Runner’ high
  • Types of running training/sessions; improve different components of your running such as aerobic energy system, speed, endurance, lactate threshold and more
  • Structuring/planning your running training
  • Post training/race recovery; best practices to make sure your body gets the rest it needs

RUNNING STRONG: FORM SLOW TO PRE (Ivy Store, 7pm Tue 30th June 2015)

Greg Stark, Owner and Personal Trainer @ Better Being, CBD, www.betterbeing.com.au

Whether you are a first time runner or a seasoned run veteran, join Greg as he walks you through how to conquer your next running event like a pro. He will cover:

  • The one change an Olympic gold medallist made to her training program, enabling her to set a new world record
  • The biggest nutrition secret that can affect your performance by as much as 20%
  • What makes Kenyan athletes so successful at long distance running, and
  • 3 simple exercises to significantly decrease your risk of injury

RUNNING SAFE (Ivy Store, 7pm Tuesday 14th July 2015)

Rachel Stanley, Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher @ Corporate Physio

  • Biomechanics for optimal running (improve efficiency and speed)
  • Common injuries while running, how to treat and prevent those injuries
  • How specific yoga poses can improve efficiency and speed in running

MINDFUL PERFORMANCE (Flow Athletic, Oxford St Paddington 7pm Wednesday 29th July)

Benjamin Lucas, Owner and Personal Training @ Flow Athletic, Paddington

  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Picturing
  • Modeling
  • Visualization
  • Megnet Technique
  • Mindful Running
  • Chunking Technique
  • Breathing and centering
  • Positive self talk

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