There is a longstanding unspoken, and sometimes spoken, rule men have that states “one must get an arm pump” before any social event. Whether it be a first date, a house party, clubbing, or an uncomfortable family get together where they want everyone to know they’ve been working out and have the guns to prove it. Ask any gym bro, they’ll tell you they go get that arm pump on a Friday night before hitting the town.

But what about us ladies? I think it’s no secret that working out these days isn’t simply for the gym bro or Olympic champion. Girls are taking over, conquering, killing, and thriving in the gym, putting silly misgivings and female stereotypes to shame.

So what is our necessary pre-outing pump?

Ask most girls why they want to start working out and you’ll hear the words “tighten, tone, abs” and most importantly and frequently you’ll hear “I want a better booty!” Look, we can’ t all be graced with a butt like JLo, but(T), we can build a stellar behind, and you bet we can get a good booty pump before we go out!

Valentines day is coming, a day where all kinds of love should be celebrated, like romantic, friendship, family and the often overlooked and neglected SELF love. So let’s focus on a booty workout that’ll have you (and anyone you walk past) in love with that upside down heart! (Get it?! the symbol of Valentine’s day is a heart.)

So here is your Booty Burn Superset:

Squat 5 pulses then jump (that’s 1 rep!), 10 reps total

Simply squat down to 90 degrees like you’re sitting back into a chair, hold this position and

pulse half way up and back down 5 times. On the last pulse down, jump straight up and land

back in the squat position. That is 1 rep.

– Kneeling Donkey Kickbacks, 20 per leg

Kneeling on your hands and knees, focus on having a flat straight back. Slowly lift one leg back

and up in a controlled motion. Kick heel towards ceiling. Return to starting position and repeat.

Step Ups on bench, holding dumbbells in hands, 20 per leg

Face a bench, place your right leg on bench, pull yourself up with that leg, and pause at the top

before lowering yourself. Repeat on same leg for 20 repetitions, then move onto other leg.

– Standing Straight Leg Kickbacks, 20 per leg

Stand facing a wall or a bar or something that you can support yourself with. Bend over slightly

with a straight back. Slowly and in a controlled manner with a straight leg kick it back until it

becomes parallel with your straight back. Slowly lower, this is one repetition.

– Glute Bridge Superset

– 10 Wide stance

– 10 Hip width stance

– 10 Feet and knees together

– 10 Feet together, knees apart

Lay on your back on a mat. Bend your legs and place your feet flat in the appropriate position

(Wide, hip width, feet/knees together, or feet together knees wide.) Slowly raise your bum off the ground and squeeze your glutes at the top. Slowly lower, this is one repetition.

Duck Walk (optional dumbbell or kettle bell held)

– Walk forward 10 steps and then walk back 10 steps

Squat down into that 90-degree squat, the goal is to stay low and upright while you walk. Try to

stay in the low squat position while you move your feet forwards and backwards. Try not to

bounce too much.

– Walking Lunges to High Knee

– 20 total (10 per leg)

Take a step forward into your typical lunge position (watch that your bent knee does not cover

your toes,) now bring your back leg forward and through as you move upright and pull that knee up in front of you. Now move that same leg front and lunge forwards (basically like you’re walking, you alternating steps forwards.)











So get in there and get the ASSet you’ve been dreaming of! Make this your new pre-outing

ritual, it’ll definitely be one to rival the boys.


Author bio

Geneviève Dubé Carpenter was recently named the official ambassador of World Gym Global for 2016-2017, selected from a pool of over 500 applicants as an educator and role model for the international fitness community. A Hamilton, Ontario native, Geneviève is a fitness model, bikini competitor and former competitive ice skater. Follow her on Instagram at @gdubecarpenter