Ok so I have a confession… I am now 25 weeks pregnant (no that’s not the confession but in case you didn’t know, surprise!) and I have only just started to cook and eat super clean again after a diet containing everything non-paleo. Think toast, crackers and even the occasional sausage roll (gasp!).


My plans of being an organic health goddess when becoming pregnant went out the window when in reality, my ‘glow’ was replaced with 5 1/2months of hell aka 24/7 nausea, pains and migraines.

Not a great platform for physically being able to eat copious amounts of luscious greens after doing daily prenatal yoga. Instead, it was all about laying down as much as possible while taking seriously strong anti-nausea medicine to try and being able to function as a human being. And for those who know me will understand how hard this actually was for me to do, being a girl who doesn’t even take Panadol and only treats illness with natural medicine…

BUT on a bright note, for the last 3 weeks I have been feeling amazing (comparatively) and am so over the moon that I can stomach my beautiful greens and all my very much missed salads and veggies once again. I also am welcoming back cooking, but with a new twist.

Time. I am even more short of it these days so need things that are quick, easy to store or can be used across a few days (hello slow cookers!).

And I am sure you are exactly the same, so I am going to share with you some sneaky time saving and little win recipe options that you can whip up in under 20 minutes but still tastes awesome and looks impressive.

The first is 3 Seed Crumbed Fish (lettuce) Tacos!


The first little win about this recipe (apart from being quick to prepare) is that fish used is from Sealord’s premium range (premium because hey, that’s how we roll) which is made from REAL fish, just frozen. They are thick fillets, mild tasting (good for fussy fish eaters like the hubby), but what really won me over with this brand is that they are wild caught Hoki caught in New Zealand waters (meaning more ethical AND nutritious). It also means peace of mind for me, knowing that what I am eating is safe, rather than buying something from the ‘fresh’ seafood area and questioning the actual expiry date of the fish. Pretty important when pregnant!!!


The next winning point about this dish is section of salad options you can put out – guacamole, grated beetroot, mixed salads (again I was sneaky and saved time buying a pre-made mixed bag of cabbage, kale etc from Coles….remember my friends I am about time saving and not being on my feet too long to tempt nausea!).

I went the gluten free option and chose lettuce cups as the ‘taco’ shell but you could use store bought shells too.


Directions? Well, it is pretty dam simple, just pop the fish in the oven and cook approx. 11 minutes per side and while it is cooking whip up the sides. Then whola! You have an amazing spread in under 20 minutes.


What’s your fave quick go to recipes for me to add to my list?

Lee x