We do it every year, and normally we are not very good at sticking to them. So next year we think everyone could use a ‘no pressure’ approach to anything from small day to day tasks, to big goals. In other words, It’s OK if you don’t get through everything on the list.

2022 is the year for being kind and being kind to ourselves means we can be kinder to others.

Making small bite size lifestyle changes is less overwhelming, and much more sustainable long term as they can be implemented gradually meaning they become habit forming, rather than sudden drastic changes which can be jarring and result in falling back into old patterns.

So we thought we would share a few easy and no fuss ways to be kinder to ourselves:

  • Less alcohol, more antioxidants: Why not make a refreshing iced tea mocktail with Little Wildling Co Black Berry Heart? Its perfect the summer flavour combination with lots of ice, a squeeze of fresh lime, fresh mint and topped up with soda water -sans the hangover.
  • Less caffeine, more medicinal herbs: Let’s give our nervous systems and our adrenals a damn break already. Try Dirty Dandi Chai in the morning before or even instead of coffee first thing to give your body a chance to wake up naturally, and maybe switch that afternoon hit for Alive & Energise or a I Am Golden Turmeric latte which both have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Less screen time, more Wind down time: Try sipping on I Need a Moment with a book or podcast an hour before bed for a blissful screen free night cap.
  • Less to do lists, more Self-care: We have been through the wringer 100 times over this year, and we live by the social standard of working ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Chronic stress can lead to gut issues, autoimmune disease, nutrient depletion to name a few. Taking a few minutes for yourself with Hibernate and chill while you practice gratitude or mindfulness can really calm the nervous system and reset your day.
  • Less plastic, more conscious purchasing: Something small we can all do to make a change for good, while making you feel good on the inside too is conscious purchasing. LWC is B Corp certified which means we balance profits with purpose.
    Our packaging is 100% recyclable, with biodegradable and compostable inserts and tea bags, and with every purchase we donate $1 to one of 3 x i=change charities. All you have to do at the checkout is choose which one!