If I’m any more relaxed I may just slide off my chair… Sitting here right now, alternating between reading a book (Winging It by Emma Isaacs) and gazing outside at the crystal waters of our private pool overlooking the bay I wonder if there’s another place on earth as perfect as this for recharging?

I’m leaning towards no.

It’s only the first afternoon of our 4 day stay at Amatar Wellness Resort and its almost alarming that I’m so calm – that in itself is a huge feat, because if you know me, it takes a good week to be able to fully exhale from, well, life.

And exhaled I have. Sure I may have called and FaceTimed home to see my babes about 5 times already but I’ve also managed to get in a sunrise walk along the beach, explore the huge and one of the most visually and thoughtful planned grounds I’ve ever seen, all before 7am.

I’m here, with my bestie in tow to experience al that the Amara has to offer and trust me when I say it’s so more than what the pamphlets say.

Tucked away in a corner of Phuket, only an easy hours drive from the airport – and I say easy because we’re seated in leather comfy seats while handed fresh juice and water, a movie remote control and comfort that rivals first class flying. I knew we were in for a treat.

It’s luxury redefined (head to my instagram stories TRAVEL highlights to see the resort and rooms in all its glory). It’s health but at a level that suits you. Want weight loss or to reset your fitness? You I’m able to be caffeinated (thank god!!) yet balanced with Chorella and turmeric shots in the morning. I’m nourished but oh so satisfied (there are 3 restaurants to choose from!!).

Want to be pampered til you can’t be pampered anymore. Not a problem. In need of a sleep specialist or need blood tests to further investigate a health problem or check for intolerance? There’s a nurse for that. There is something for everyone and so much more.

The hardest decision of the trip was deciding which Wellness Package to go for….

I’ve opted for the Spa Revival Package, well because I’m a mum of 2 under 3 with as many businesses on the go, so enough said.

I’m able to be caffeinated (thank god!!) yet balanced with Chorella and turmeric shots in the morning. I’m nourished but oh so satisfied (there are 3 restaurants to choose from!!).

In fact if anything we may be a little too well nourished as there are so many tempting dishes on the menu. We’re sticking to the Retreat restaurant as it caters for our ‘wellness’ package and the food is a little more healthier than the other 2 (also healthy) options.

This afternoons plans involves a little swim and sun, then we’ve opted for extras on the timetable such as pilates class, infra-red sauna then a treatment called Thai Hammam (more on that below) which I’m told is world famous at the spa .

I short hope, high skip (thanks to all that good food!) and a jump to dinner then in bed before 9pm #bliss

But don’t worry, you can skip all of the above for time by the pool before cocktails.

See, heaven.

The other bit that I love is that all food (and juices and health shots etc) is includes. Saunas are included, fitness classes are included and my fave…. SPA treatments are included.

While we went for the chill effect, you can go hard core and see a Physio, get blood tests done to check for any deficiencies, go to a sleep school – the list goes on. Or you could just stay in the hotel and choose your own adventure. Value for money though Id choose the Wellness Programs.

So, grab your bestie (trust me, it’s so much more amazing having them there to solve all the worlds problems, brainstorm or giggle with in between and start researching which packaging is for you.

The details: Amarta Wellness Resort https://www.amataraphuket.com

Location: Phuket, Thailand

Spa highlight: so hard to choose just one as I loooooooove all things spa (see their full menu here  – their massages was next level, my manicure was one of the best Ive ever had but if I did have to play favorites I’d say their signature treatment – Thai Hamman takes the gold.

Thai Hammam treatment involves a series of stages for cleansing, rejuvenating and relaxation. The process also involves an alternation of cool and warm temperatures with water, steam, heated stone beds, ice application, and sauna. Read more about it here.

Tip: we went in the offseason and it was oh so peaceful and a little extra special I think!!

If you need to relax and refresh when you’re short on time, this is the place to do it at!