I’m going to let you in on a little secret, and I don’t want you to judge me too hastily until you understand all the facts.

I once had an addiction. Yes me, and it wasn’t just one substance…

For the last 2 years I have had it under control. Well, maybe not 100% under control because you know the saying… once an addict always an addict, so let’s just say I have been in rehabilitation since I made the conscious decision to lead a better, healthier lifestyle.

But 3 days ago, for one reason or another I fell off the wagon. Actually crashed it, flew towards the ground and face planted into a big bowl of sugar, Ben & Jerry’s to be exact. Two tubs and yes they were large, followed by some pizza and other such simple-sugar laden foods not fit for online publishing.

The reason I am telling you this and possibly tarnishing your view of my holier than (I don’t know… think of the healthiest and fitness person you know) lifestyle, is because I want you to know that I too am human who side steps off the health path for time to time. It happens. The only difference now is how I react after it happens.

The old addicted me would have continued to spiral into negativity (and continued to eat whatever I knew I shouldn’t eat), not even thinking that all I have to do is stop, walk away from the poison of choice, and change direction.

Now I know to change my mindset at that exact point from, ‘I’m a failure, fat and might as well keep going until Monday when I can be healthy and exercise again’ to, ‘Shit, that got a bit out of hand- that food make me feel like crap and obviously isn’t good for me. I’ll go for a walk and then prepare a healthy vegetable soup for dinner.’

Easy, positive, and you don’t spend another 3 days binging until Monday comes to start that elusive new diet.

Just eat clean people. That is how I have learnt to fight my addictions and overcome negativity. Eat clean at least 80% of the time and then really enjoy what ever you want the remaining 20% of the time (and if that happens to be healthy ‘bad’ food like dark chocolate and fruit then even better!).

So there you go, it’s not a cure to cancer but it is just a gentle reminder that no one is perfect. Not even someone who works (or moonlights…) in the nutrition and the fitness world. You fall off the wagon, just dust yourself off, put down the candy bar and walk away feeling good that you changed direction.

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You’re welcome.