We’ve all read about the numerous benefits of juice cleansing, but does sipping cold liquid morning noon and night leave you feeling a little less than desired? Well then maybe soup cleansing is for you!! We chat to Mr Perkins Nutritionist, Jessica Rutledge to get the down low.

Soup cleansing is totally a thing now, talk us through why this is a good option, especially in Winter?

It’s a great option in Winter for a few reasons:

1.       Soups are warm! Cold beverages on chilly days are not enticing.

2.       It’s significantly more filling than other cleanses because of the fibre content and the use of wholesome vegetables such as sweet potato, carrot, mushrooms and healthy fats such as coconut milk which are grounding, nourishing and satiating winter foods.

3.       A soup cleanse is a wonderful way to reboot your wellness and stick to healthy eating goals without feeling deprived of the hearty foods your body craves in the colder months.

Are they better than juice cleanses?

Both soup and juice cleanses can be beneficial, it just depends on the person, their bodily constitution and their health goals. The time of year can also be a determining factor – juice cleanses are more appealing in Summer and soup cleanses in Winter.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a soup cleanse include:

  • Promotes alkalinity – the cleanse is plant based, and as such promotes alkalinity in the body. It is also free from gluten, dairy and meat which further promotes an anti-inflammatory system. The combination of ingredients promotes antioxidants and aids the detoxification process in the liver.
  • Improved digestive function – the soups, smoothies and chia seed pudding are all fibre rich, fibre acts as a prebiotic and promotes a regular digestive system. Reduced kilojoules means your body expends less energy on digesting food and extra energy can be used to detoxify and heal your body from the inside out.
  • Hydrates and promotes growth in the body – water rich vegetables and stock hydrate the body and clean plant proteins promote growth and repair on a cellular level.
  • Reset imbalances – during a cleanse you do not consume alcohol, sugar, coffee and processed foods which allows the body time to reset any imbalances and decreases cravings for those kinds of foods.
  • Clear skin – the improved digestive function and reduced toxicity of the body also promotes clear, glowing skin. After three days you will feel energised and lighter, and no doubt be glowing!






















If we want to create a soup cleanse at home, what should we include?

You can create a soup cleanse at home simply by making your favourite vegetable soup recipes, but with more wholesome ingredients such as fresh vegetables (not canned which can contain unnecessary amounts of sodium) and using homemade stock or water instead of stock powders which also contain unnecessary ingredients such as extra sodium and artificial flavouring. You can also replace dairy cream with coconut milk or add potatoes for a creamy taste.

You will need to make a few different sups so you get a variety of nutrients;

Green Soup – made using leafy green vegetables, broccoli, peas or parsley

Root Vegetable Soup – made with potato, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin or beetroot.

Healing Broth – mushroom and seaweeds combine nicely with celery and carrot to create a healing broth

Note: Don’t be afraid to add spices and herbs for extra goodness (turmeric, parsley, cumin, paprika and cinnamon are my go-to’s) and always make sure you drink extra water or herbal tea while cleansing to aid detoxification.

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