Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday… and that might look like a few different things depending on who is reading this.

Got young kids? Congratulations, you have permission to buy your own present while also humbly accepting their home made card and vegemite on burnt toast.

Dads? Time to step up and purchase the mother of your children a kick ass present. While an overseas holiday and diamonds may not be on the cards this year (and that’s ok!), we’ve got you covered with some options that are just (almost) as good.

Have a fur child? A mum or female figure in your life? Same rules apply, be thoughtful, be loving and maybe forget the flowers (they only last a day), forget the choccies (been there done that), and get them something a little different this year.

Jurlique gift set

It comes in a pretty box (tick) is natural (double tick) and the smell of the products? It’s like the flowers you almost gave her, but they just keep going. Seriously the rose fragrant is out of this world and its sometimes the highlight of my day using them before bed – yes, I get it, I need to get out more…

If you cant get to a store don’t fear, they do free shipping for orders over $50.


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The Beauty Chef Cook book

Now this really is the present that keeps giving.

The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates believes smooth, radiant skin is an inside-out process and that beauty begins in your belly (and your kitchen).

The Beauty Chef Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of nutritious and delicious recipes to promote gut health and boost beauty from the inside out. The delicious healthy recipes are all gluten and dairy-free as well as super nourishing, and easy to prepare.

The book includes simple family meals, healthy spins on traditional dishes, fail-proof ferments, smoothies, lunchbox snacks and special occasion treats that pack a powerful nutritional punch.

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Lux Aestiva

Lux Aestiva’s Gypsy Oil™ is a fast absorbing dry oil that boosts overall skin tone and texture, leaving it feeling smooth and revitalised. Combining delicate, infused oils of Neroli, Prickly pear, Meadowfoam, Camellia, Apricot Seed and non-phototoxic Bergamot, Lux Aestiva’s Gypsy Oil™ is the ultimate skincare saviour for all over body use. With a delicate fragrance that lightly scents the skin and has a calming effect, Lux Aestiva’s Gypsy Oil™is perfect for daily use, and maybe even more importantly is SO pretty!! Trust me, these things counts and it will be loved!

If you’re feeling extra generous, pair it with their Jade Roller. Its basically cucumber slices x100, and is the best way to de-puff your face and calm the skin. This traditional Chinese anti wrinkle and anti aging beauty tool has been used for thousands of years to promote youthful appearances and smooth skin, now available for you at home. This time honoured, traditional practice has been handed down through generations, a practice that has stood the test of time due to its highly effective skin benefits.

Check out their range will you’re at it, I’m sure you will spy one or two things you want as well!

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Little Wildling Co

Forget $5 teas where you have no idea where it was grown or what chemicals have been used, and instead, go for local made, organic and dam pretty blends by Little Wildling Co. We think ‘I Am A Goddess’ (formulated for beauty and taste) is the perfect one for Mother’s Day!

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