Here at FITC we love The Biggest Loser Trainer Tiffiny Hall – you can read our first interview with her here. Now just in time Spring/Summer (can you say bikinis?), Christmas parties and overall feeling awesome goals…we now have her back to shares a killer workout from her new 30-day workout guide tailored especially for brides-to-be who are shredding for the wedding.

The Big Day Body Blitz is seriously full of nutrition tips, workouts (some so quick and intense you can squeeze them into your lunch break), plenty of motivation and tricks for maintaining a positive mindset – all essential for brides who want to look and feel amazing on their big day. And hey, let’s be honest, non-brides are going to love this too!


So FITCies, pop on your sneakers, turn on some tunes and lets do this 20 minute workout which targets ALL areas of the body. Grab a weight (either a medicine ball, kettlebell or anything you can get your hands on), and a bench or chair.

Warming up… yes I know you want to get straight into the hard stuff to get it done, but, missing your warm up is like missing the beginning of a good movie. Plus your body will thank you for it around the 5 minute mark when you are starting to get all sweaty! The aim is not to hold any stretches in a static pose – save this for POST work out. Why? Well you want to keep those muscles reactive and excitable, rather than over stretched, relaxed and less responsive. Instead warm up with movements similar to what you will be doing in the actual workout – see below for some ideas.



Now for the workout, remember your form, remember to breath, and remember how good you are going to feel post workout!!


If you can’t do the workout now, bookmark this page or take a pic to take to the gym with you to get started on your #weddingshredding.

And here’s a little secret, Tiffiny, in conjunction with Bride Australia have a special where you can get this plus her You Beauty! book for only $40- click here to get. You’re welcome.


If you want to hang out more with Tiff, her Instagram is: @tiffinyhallofficial