Guest post by sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo

We’ve all been there – the thoughts running on endless loops while we lay staring at the ceiling. Or how about those 3 or 4am wake ups which jolt you with the thousand thoughts running through your mind, and subsequently, leave you exhausted the next day? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Statistics show that poor sleep affects 77% of Australians on a weekly basis. But rather than popping a sleeping pill, which has an entire section on my website dedicated to it’s dangers, such as lethargy, memory loss, anxiety and mood swings; I am here to supply you with the information you need to take action today, to sleep better tonight.

  1. First, recognise there is help out there. The first thing my clients say to me is “I wish I had of come to you sooner”. Suffering in silence isn’t doing you any favours, and research published in Current Neuropharmacology shows that sleep loss disrupts normal hormone levels, contributing to weight gain, anxiety, depression and even infertility. This is in addition to the side effects you’re well aware of, such as irritability, poor concentration, mood swings and fatigue.
  2. Calm down on the caffeine – caffeine is a stimulant, releasing adrenalin into your blood steam which causes everything to speed up. If you haven’t been sleeping well, or you’re under high stress, it’s more than likely your adrenals have been depleted – hence why you need three cups of coffee simply to feel awake. By your body not reacting as it should, this is a sign that essentially, you’ve got no juice left in the tank. Rather than burning them out further, avoiding all caffeine will do wonders to remedy both your endocrine (hormonal) system and also, aid in your mind slowing down more effectively and efficiently in the evening.
  3. Instead, have some tea – but don’t just make it any tea – make it LWC “I need a moment”. 100% sleep enhancing and stress reducing, academic journal Molecular Medicine Reports notes ingredients like chamomile and passionflower have a similar effect to sleeping pills – without the toxic side effects. Scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress, you’ll feel a sense of calm, tranquility and balance after a cup or two – so drink up. Definitely at least one in the latter part of the evening, however, the more you can drink the better – don’t be shy now!
  4. Breathe – an instant stress reliever / sleep enhancer, deep breathing allows your increase oxygen levels within the blood, which signals to your nervous system to slow down – helping dissolve that incessant stream of mental chatter ruminating at 11pm. The more you engage this one the better, as it helps you unwind from stresses as they build up throughout the day. Practice at least 1 minute in the morning, at lunch and as you are falling asleep.

These tips are straightforward and scientifically proven to work. So rather than just scroll through another blog or close this tab, take action to remedy your difficulties. Sign up to my free sleep tip series now, sip some sleep inducing tea such as I Need A Moment by Little Wildling Co and practice some deep breathing. You’ll feel worlds better immediately – and sleep better tonight.

Written by sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo.

Olivia’s background in psychology, physiology and nutrition to improve sleep, reduce stress and optimise productivity. Sign up for her free sleep tip series or email her at and find out how she can help you.

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Olivia is a Sleep Specialist (Bachelor of Social Science – Psychology; Certificate Sleep Psychology; Diploma of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine; Certificate 3+4 Fitness).

As a speaker and ambassador, Olivia has worked with Sealy Posturepedic, GoHealthy, F45 Group and PE Nation; whilst her writing regularly features on popular platforms including Sporteluxe, Ten Daily, New Idea and Daily Mail. Her mission is to improve sleep, reduce stress and optimise productivity, which is achieved via her corporate wellness program, The Sleep Solution.