One thing that still surprises me is the fact that it’s taken so long for people (and bars) to realise that you can choose well for our ‘ol favourite alcoholic beverages. It’s even more surprising when people who choose to lead a ‘clean and green’ lifestyle full of nourishing foods and daily movements, then choose a cocktail laced with sugar and soft-drink!

Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t drink that often these days, but when I do, it has to tick a few boxes. Not only does it have to be dam tasty (hello Mint and Cucumber Martini!), it also has to have a touch of ‘health’ and awesomeness about it. Such as swapping out sugar syrup for a little honey.

Cue Crafted at Westin.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to The Westin Hotels & Resorts and their new Well-Being Movement a month ago with Rachel Finch (read the post here) which allows every day to be geared toward a better you, with signature offerings that fuel and energize your every move. Think workout gear on loan, cleaner menus, smoothies and juices always on offer…

And now, it’s their new cocktail menu, which has gotten my attention. Crafted at Westin invites guests to choose well behind the bar where the cocktails consist of natural ingredients and local flavours alongside artisanal handcrafted techniques.

westin 2

And yes, it ticked the dam tasty box too.

Inspired by local traditions and seasonal tastes, each Crafted at Westin cocktail is a reflection of its surroundings. All ingredients are carefully selected for flavor and freshness, and are expertly mixed. Even the website allows you to filter by local ingredients to help you decide which cocktail you’d like to try.

And by local, I mean local. Garnishes from local farmers, Archie Rose gin from Sydney’s newest distillery and home made ginger bear from Brookvale.

westin 3

The Westin Sydney has introduced eight cocktails – Brookevale Stormy, Yellow Jacket, Bellini Thyme, Mint and Cucumber Martini, Mixed Berry Caprioska, Perfect Rose and two mocktails: Berry Dream and Minty Ice Green.

westin 4

So whether you’re staying at the hotel for work or pleasure, or even work in the city and want to treat yourself… make sure its cocktails from the Crafted at Westin program and you’ll never choose sugar drinks again!!

What’s your fave?

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