Spring is coming!!

And it is the perfect time to take 4 weeks to be totally selfish and indulge in nothing but health, clean food and daily movement. This will help to not only reset all your buttons, but also assist in shedding those extra Winter kilos that may have snuck up on you, and remove toxins that have accumulated. And let’s be honest, saying no to vodka cocktails during the summer months is not going to happen… so now is the time to do it.

By joining the ‘Nourish + Move’ challenge you are committing to focus on you. To eat by the guidelines, to move as per the guidelines, and identify your ‘weakness’ (ie sugar, coffee, alcohol, chocolate etc) and wean yourself off them for 4 weeks. The depth of your cleanses on the program is up to you. You will get out of it what you put in. You are not asked to survive on spinach only and exercise for an hour every day – but you will be asked to eat your greens and move daily, if that is 15 minutes or an hour, well that is up to you.

What you get:

  • A book filled with nutritional information, tips, recipes, shopping list, at home exercises, superfood advice – plus more.
  • Weekly email support and newsletters providing you will extra workouts and recipes, tips
  • A food & exercise diary

What you need to know:
Anyone can do this challenge, from anywhere – all you need is a computer to read the e-book on (perfect to read on your iPad in iBooks app fyi).

Do you need anything to do this challenge?
Apart from a bit of will power… you will need a fridge full of fresh fruit, salad, veggies, protein etc (as per shopping list in book). Having some at home exercise equipment (like a swiss ball, Power bands etc) is helpful but not essential. Having a high power blender or juicer is also a plus so you can make your own green. I am totally in love with my Vitamix and use it every day – from making raw deserts, ice-cream, home-made almond milk, soups or smoothies (yep you just throw everything in the blender and hit go – instant smoothie which still includes all the fibre). If you have a bit of pocket money saved up it is well worth the investment. This online store here has basic Vitamix for a good price.

Want to really step it up?

If you are after weight-loss and really want to reset your digestive system, how about take the level 2 option and add in 3-4 key supplements. Just ask about this option when you email me at fitnessinthecity@outlook.com

Extra prize
Just to up the ante a little.. there will be an overall prize at the end for the person who sticks to the plan the most.
Extra points for tagging your healthy photos in Instagram/FB with either:
#NourishandMove #fitnessinthecity

Investment: $49 (worth over $200)
For ease, please transfer money into the below account with your name in the subject line:
Fitness In The City
BSB: 06 2258
Account: 1098 1493

Do you know anyone who could benefit with 4 weeks full of health and fitness? Well of course you do! I would be grateful if you forward this post on to who may need a helping hand Let’s spread the love people!!

Confirm via email to fitnessinthecity@outlook.com asap if you would like to reserve a spot and join in.

Lee x

If you would like extra attention during the challenge then I suggest booking in for a complementary health history consultation. Email fitnessinthecity@outlook.com for more info.